Mother Captures Magical Moments of Sons in Stunning Photo Collection


Elena Shumilova‘s beautiful pictures from Andreapol, Russia are taking the internet by storm. The colourful scenes are truly enchanting and beautifully capture her two sons and a host of furry friends on the farm that she owns.

The 32 year old only starting shooting in 2012 when she received her first camera. And the results are no less than magical. She explains:

Children and animals – they’re my life. As a mum of two sons we spend a lot of time on the farm, so I often shoot my boys with dogs, rabbits and ducks.

I prefer to use natural light – both inside and outside. I love all sorts of light conditions – street lights, candle light, fog, smoke, rain and snow – everything that give visual and emotional depth to the image.

Of the popularity of her work, she says:

I’m so glad that my pictures began to be liked by many people. It inspires me & it makes me do better with my pictures.

You can check out Elena’s amazing work in her Flickr album, by clicking here. Enjoy!


  1. Murica says

    oh well…
    Russian kids aren’t as valuable as American ones…you know that

    Russian people are just evil – just look at those kids!!!\
    Evil, evil evil!
    Only Americans can be good, we all know that!!!

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