Giveaway: Traveling Made Easy With Ergobaby


I along with my husband traveled through Italy with our daughter Ava. She was only one at the time, so we wanted to find a way to still enjoy the things we like while ensuring her comfort. We found our Ergobaby Organic Baby Carrier was the best way to do this.

This award-winning design holds your baby in an ergonomic, natural sitting position. The padded waistbelt ensures your baby’s weight is evenly distributed between your hips and shoulders while the adjustable, cushy padded shoulder straps provide you with ultimate comfort.

If interested in learning more check out my travel blog, The Travel Moms where I document traveling with my daughter.

Meanwhile, we are offering (1) lucky reader of Celeb Baby Laundry a chance to win (1) Ergobaby Original Collection Baby Carrier with a Black Exterior and Camel Lining/Hood ($115.00 value).

To enter this giveaway please leave a comment explaining your favorite places to travel with your baby/children. Don’t forget to like Celeb Baby Laundry’s Facebook page too!

The contest opens on July 15, 2013 and closes on July 22, 2013 at 11:59pm.

In order to qualify for this giveaway, you must leave a valid email address in specified box when leaving a comment (will not be displayed). The email address of the winner will be shared with Ergobaby for the purposes of sending the baby carrier.

Good Luck!


  1. Jenna Anne says

    OMG I must have this!!! I love carrying my kids to the park and zoo! So easy!!! Ergos are so comfy!

  2. Julie G. says

    We are heading to San Francisco with our 5-month-old and our older son for a family vacation over Labor Day. We were just remarking how great it would be if we won an Ergobaby so we could hop on and off the trolleys without worrying about a stroller! Good luck to all! :)

  3. Kristine Laird says

    We love escaping the AZ heat! Whether it’s a short day trip up a mountain or a weekend trip to CA to lounge on the beach! But an Ergo would be awesome for day trips around town to the zoo too!

  4. Amy says

    Our favorite place to travel with our family is hawaii. This september is the first time we will be taking our 9 month old baby. We’re a little terrified but excited for the trip!

  5. Jennifer says

    we love traveling down to see my mom and walking along the beach and we love spending the days at the farmers market and walking in the local mountains!

  6. Kim says

    Hi! We would really love this ergo carrier! My daughters name is Ava too and shes 9 months old. We’re planning a trip to San Francisco and San Diego next month and would love this carrier so we don’t have to worry about a stroller! I’ve been googling for a great deal on one but no luck so far :-( I hope we win!

  7. Mackenzie says

    We love love love ergo! We babywear everywhere! At the store in the mall, on vacation, around town. It is my go-to for getting around with baby!!!

  8. Jen C says

    being able to wear my children anywhere and everywhere is the best option for us! but my favorite place is busy places like zoos and musuems and festivals, no need to push a stroller around a crowded area full of people!

  9. Linda L says

    Would love to win this! We love taking her for walks around the city, but it would be nice to carry her around than in a stroller. We have to travel to sf in a few months and this would be great!

  10. JP says

    I loved taking my kids to Disneyland! And I would love to do it again! This would make it a lot easier! Thanks for the opportunity!

  11. Lynda Thomas says

    We are planning to take our kids to the zoo for my birthday this year, and I would love to win this carrier to use at the zoo! :)

  12. Lynette Buell says

    I would like to win this for my daughter!!! We are taking her and her husband and our grandkids to a theme park this year! It should be a lot of fun!

  13. Rob says

    I love to travel back home to Cape Cod and Nantucket with my kids, as well as, back to S. Korea their natural birth place. Although, I’m looking forward to in a few years beginning our roadtrip adventures together.

  14. Ashley C says

    We love to travel to the beach! We live an hour from the gulf coast and it’s a lot of fun going with my kids and seeing how much they enjoy the ocean. I grew up very far from the beach so I’m excited we get to make those memories!

  15. Melissa says

    We have 5 boys who all play sports and want to be outside ALL the time and this would be so amazing to have so I could keep up with everyone a lot easier!! Our favorite outside fun is the zoo, were there every other weekend

  16. Randi S says

    i love taking my little man to the park, zoo, etc…and look forward to his baby sister joining us too!!

  17. Olivia says

    I love going anywhere with my baby, but where my son’s face lights up the most is the simplest place, the supermarket just seeing all the shapes colors and different food, he lights up with such enthusiasm I end up taking him everyday

  18. Judi Roode says

    I like to take my new grandson to the local Audabon Sanctuary. Can’t wait to take him to the zoo!

  19. Ryan Hinman says

    My wife registered for this but didn’t get it at her baby shower. We are very active and love traveling, hiking, and attending festivals. The ergo would make our exploring and adventures much more enjoyable for us and our son.

  20. Jessica says

    I would love to try this carrier out, I’ve heard nothing but good things about it! I love exploring new hiking trails in my area.

  21. Malikah says

    well I take long walks w. my husband and my 2 year old son. but I just had a new born && she’s a week old . we love walking on the beach . shopping . visiting neighbors or family . and just walking our dog. but I don’t like having to move around w. a car seat , a stroller, a diaper bag , my two year old , and any other things needed . but having one of these will make our life a whole lot easier . and more comfortable. not only for us but her as well ,

  22. Jennifer Marohn says

    We love to take our daughter to the zoo and to the park. With this it would be so much easier to keep up with her.

  23. Richard Hicks says

    We like to take them to educational places like the zoo, nature science center etc.

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  24. Stephanie G says

    We like going to the park or to the beach, anywhere outdoors where we can get away, enjoy some scenery and get some exercise.

  25. Jenn McClearn says

    This looks like such an awesome carrier we take lots of day trips and camping trips in the woods , this would be great to carry baby # 3 in when he/she arrives in a few weeks :)

  26. Lauren Harmon says

    I look forward to taking my children to several different tropical locations… I also want to take/send them out of the country on a missions trip to remind them to be thankful for what they have.

  27. Lori Taube says

    We like to take he kiddos up to Estes Park,CO. Breath taking scenery, and great hiking in Rocky Mountain Nat’l Park!

  28. Clarissa hooper says

    I have been wanting an ergo since we adopted our first baby a year ago! Now with baby number two here (yes, we have a 15 month old and a 3 month old!) I think it’s completely necessary!! Hope I win! Thanks for the chance :-)

  29. Nicole-Lynn says

    My favorite place to travel is St. Thomas where my husband proposed to me in 2008. I’m expecting my first baby (girl!) this fall, we can’t wait to take her to St. Thomas when the time is right! We plan to travel a lot with her!

    I also like Celebbaby Laundry on FB (Nicole B.)

  30. Sherry Conrad says

    I like you on FB and my fave place to take kids is the beach- Hampton Beach, NH is the current fave because my mom lives there.

  31. Danielle F. says

    We LOVE to take the little ones to craft fairs and on the boat! My sister has one of these and LOVES it for walking around in big crowds and now its my turn to get one!

  32. Kelly S says

    My baby won’t be here for another month, but I’ve been trying on friends’ carriers using my dog, and he loves being carried around the neighborhood in the Ergo. I hope once our baby comes she like likes the Ergo as much as the dog! We plan to take her to as many national parks as possible.

  33. Trisha says

    I love going everywhere with my baby! She joins me for D&D, grocery shopping, at the park, the zoo, everywhere :)

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