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Pamela Ray is a 20 something, mom to two and wife to a U.S American Soldier. Over my 20 something years of life, I've learned a few things about kids and they way they function, or don't function if your kids tend to be like mine! My beautiful babies are Jacob, who is 2 going on 23 and Aubree, who is a whopping 3 months old, she's still shiny and new! If my two babies weren't enough to keep me busy, I figured I'd make it real exciting and throw some more toddlers and kids into my house add one part toys, two parts hotdog and peaches, shake it all up and call it daycare! No, I'm not crazy :) There is never a dull moment around here. I'm excited to share my two cents on parenting and the survival of toddlers, newborns and turds...Oh, and everything else in between, which as many of us parents know, is a heck of a lot of stuff!

  1. Linda L says:

    My favorite part of the holidays is decorating the tree while listening to and singing christmas songs on the radio. :)

  2. Meg says:

    Ah, but there is help for those bigger babies! The Hulabye Happy Changer fits babies 0-24 months. I tried it with my wiggly 6 month old and LOVE it!

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  4. Lara says:

    This is a ridiculous product. I’m not putting my baby in a straightjacket so I can change her diaper.

  5. Bianka says:

    My favorite part about the holidays is that we get to gather with our friends and loved ones. Also I love how we get to put the lights up and I get to decorate the tree with my niece, my nephew, and my daughter we have soooo much fun together. Family is such a great thing to have for the holidays.

  6. [...] with milk on the plane.  Another thing I read was helpful to bring was a sleep sack.  I brought my Aden + Anais one and I found it very helpful, unlike a regular blanket that can fall off it zips up and kept Ava [...]


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