Scott Disick Walks Out On A Pregnant Kourney Kardashian (Photo)

Scott Disick Walks Out On A Pregnant Kourney Kardashian (Photo)

Life & Style magazine claims that Scott Disick has walked out on his pregnant girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian who is pregnant for the second time by Scott.  We have been hearing rumors that Scott was up to his old tricks and misbehaving.   Kourtney had hoped that a second baby would make Scott grow up but that is not happening. Scott continues to party and enjoy the good life making it pretty clear that the only reason he is around Kourtney is her bank account.

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The magazine is claiming that Scott has finally walked out and abandoned Kourtney – that he chose clubbing over his family.  They go on to claim that he and Kourtney have not had sex in four months so he has turned to other women.  Reportedly Kourtney has retaliated by cutting off his cash and telling him to stay away from their son Mason.  No surprise here – everyone has know for a long time what a dog Scott is.  Do you think Kourtney should kick him to the curb?

Meanwhile a friend of Kourtney confirmed to Life & Style that Kourtney is expecting a girl this time.  She said: “”Kourtney was hoping for a girl.  She loves having a boy but thinks having a girl would be perfect so she can dress her up and show her the ropes in life.” A rep for the couple denies they know the sex of the baby.


  1. momof bron says

    I can’t stand Kourtney. She uses that baby as a weapon against Scott all the time. She needs a kick in her big fat a$$, and to grow up

    • Ash says

      It’s amazing how you felt the need to try to use body shaming (calling her fat) to make your point. Would have been a far more effective point about her using her child as a weapon without trying to shame others. And yes, it is about shaming others. If I insinuated that her lady bits were all busted up because she had a baby, I would be making other moms fee bad… right momof bron?

      • RealityisRetarded says

        You need to get a life as well as anyone else who watches these useless idiots.Really? You typed an entire paragraph about somebody saying “fat”. LMAO!

    • sam says

      just because You dont like her doesnt give him any rights to treat her like tht and u forget when he parties away that WILL also affect the children so as a mothe rmyself i would do exactly what she is doin

    • Barb says

      kourtney sometime ago said that she wasn’t sure scott was the one for her…is it because now your going to have two babies, she “May” want scott…..and how dare her critize chris when she is the one having babies out of wedlock?????Just because todays morals have changed, doesn’t change the fact….she acts so rightous….scott hit the high road, as the saying goes, “most want what they can’t have”…I see she gave you a committment bracelett.WOW…but still no marriage…Really scott…wake up….I didn’t like you, but I think you have to much patients with her
      she dangles the carrats and you jump….. any therapist will tell you, children don’t fix a marriage…oh, but your not married…no man settles down, unless he has something to settle down for…..that includes a wife…you should of made your marriage work, then decide if you should of had kids…don’t use them to fix a broken relationship..

    • Elaine says

      Shes pregnant moron not fat! Your a real bright one! I bet you would be the type to believe Scott if he said he loved you and would leave Kortney for you if you slept with him huh?

    • Duncan says

      I agree with you but I will take it a little further, ALL the Kardashian women are stupid, greedy, attention needy , weenies.

      I have said my peace.

      • Haterealityshows says

        you left out skanky….plus droll all the names starting with K….how proletarian can the rich get.

        • Mom of Three says

          Who cares what all there names start with? My Nana named my mom and aunts and uncles all starting with D’s….and we are def not proletarian.

  2. gwen01 says

    I don’t blame scott for one second. Of course he is going to do the cash grab and as snakey as he is, Kourtney is no prize, she is physically disgusting and for him to stomach her, cash would have to be involved. She was definately a good starting point for him to get his name out there and the Kardashians are fast becoming social piriahs so he should get out while he still has a chance. I applaud him for using the Kardashians and making the best of a dirty disgusting situation. As for the children. this woman cannot forbid him from seeing his children. Doesn’t she watch court tv. Courts encourage fathers to be involved and to ensure that these kids don’t end up in a porno tape or wearing slutty clothes that are age inappropriate, he should get custody. When a Kardashian has a child they are only seen as future income.

  3. jdb says

    I hope none of the above is true. I think they have a beautiful family. I like Scott. I think the K’s like to make him or play him as a angry man. I think he loves Mason & Kourtney. She is the most grounded of the 3 girls.

    • Julie says

      I don’t particularly care for Scott that much, but I do like Kourtney and think of all the girls she seems the most decent and she is the only one who picked a white guy so you gotta give her credit for that.

      • Leese1c says

        Julie, regardless of what you think about giving her credit for picking a “white guy”, everyone is equal and the “not white guys” seem to have more class then all of these “white guys” put together….Post your bigoted comments where they belong, not on a reality entertainment board……

        • cubanrose says

          No everyone is NOT equal…..are you equal to me? No I think not….Are you equal to Beyonce ….no You are NOT equal to Beyonce. We are not all equal and that’s the truth….we are allowed to make any comments we want. ARe you the comment police now? Stop hating on your own white race

        • whocares says

          She has a right to make her statement about white guys…it’s a free country. If you wanna throw around the whole ‘everyone is equal’ stuff then she has an equal right to her opinion. I do find it odd that they all go for black guys and that’s not because I’m bigoted but rather, curious. So before YOU start making generalized statements and throw around a work as strong as bigoted, re-read your own words about equality and shut up.

          • Open your Mind says

            First of all hate is hate regardless of color. your personal choice is your right. Being ignorant is also your right. Who cares who people love. Black, white, brown. Guy or Giri. If that person makes them happy then quit hating and realize not everyone likes or is attracted to the same things. That is why we live in the USA. Its your choice to do what you want, like what you want and yes say what you want but when you spout ignorant statements it only makes you look stupid.

            That being said the K family is very self-serving people but of all of them Kourtney does seem to be the most grounded. Her choice in staying with Scott is her own choice however he does have some growing up to do when it comes to priorities of having a family. On his side though, she has known who he is for a long time and it was her choice to have another kid with a grown kid herself. He just wants to have fun and she wants to have a family. You cant change people they have to want to make a change…

      • Carter says

        I’m white, and yes, Julie has the right to be a bigot. However, I also have the right to call her a bigot. BIGOT. And I also have the right to point out that everyone after Julie also made bigoted comments except for “Open your mind”

        And yes, I am the bigot police. So there.

        Moving on, if I were Scott I would’ve killed myself long ago. Kourtney is the biggest pain in the ASS (pun intended). She made Kim and her whole family miss the flight for the vacation. They missed the time with Khloe because she held everyone up. She whines, she nags, she’s boring, her voice is so damn nasal-y and monotone, and to top it off she’s a complete hypocrite. She calls Scott selfish (he slept in one day), but she is so self absorbed and rude. She’s probably one of the most unpleasant people I’ve witnessed.

      • Joey Pompano says

        I TOTALLY agree Julie. The problem is that the Katrashians are from a mongrel race themselves and so they pick to be with the monkeyboys.

    • TheTruth says

      Some day the few followers this family has left, will see what criminals this family really is. They have made all their money by deceiving& lying to the public about EVERYTHING. These people use Charity names to promote their product and never give them a dime. They stole all the gifts from the wedding AFTER kim filed for divorce and all their shows are scripted.

      As a family they share all the money and they ALL agree on each scam they pull b/c it makes for a bigger pay day. They even think their “audience” are “boring little nobodies”, “stupid embicles” and “gulliable”. HOW DO YOU LIKE THEM NOW?

  4. lizette says

    yall are so hating all if kourtney if you are reading please note you make a great mother and i say this because i see the love mason has for you.dont pay no mind too all these people that want what you;;let kim know i have the hugest crush on her she is so perfect………

  5. bess moore says

    She is a ho! (I didn’t call her a fat ho)! Does she know where babies come from? They are ALL disgusting. She needs to keep her legs closed.

  6. Ciara says

    All of you bashing for no reason are pathetic. If you don’t like her, don’t read the story. She is a great mom and takes care of her kids. She definitely has the money to raise them in any way she feels best. I personally liked Scott this last season, he seemed to have grown up so I really hope this is not true. And as far as people calling her fat and a ho, she has a gorgeous body and is not fat AT ALL! And she has been with THE SAME MAN FOR YEARS. How does that make her a ho? Grow up and move on.

    • Dianne Morris says

      Your answer is logical, timely and necessary but do these people deserve a reply? What they reveal about themselves when disparaging people personally unknown to them says it all. Why so much hatred and venom? Actually, savages comes occasionally comes to mind. We’re becoming a savage society that seems to delight in tearing down others. Further, if there is no redeeming feature in the person they attack why even pay attention to the story. And that gives me question for pause….why am I paying attention to them?

    • Ella says

      A well written and intelligent response from both of you. What a lot of people in these comments don’t realize is the reason we tend to hate qualities in other people, especially those we don’t know, is because we see in those same qualities in ourselves. Disgust is the language of violence, violence the action of ignorance; and these people are showing how ignorant they truly are. And just how it takes one to know one, it takes ugly to know ugly and I’m not speaking only of physical appearance but of personality. So people who are venemous and spiteful to a person whom they have never met are very ugly.

      • JoMarch says

        I never met Hitler; is it okay to despise him? o say we’re being ugly for having an negative opinion of someone we haven’t meant is naive and just plain silly. We are inundated with news about the Kardashians; they have a reality show where supposedly they are showing themselves realistically, so, in fact, we do know them, or at lease we know the personae that they show us. Therefore, it is logical that we would have opinions of them. They put themselves out there; we respond.

  7. Brandy says

    I for one really like Scott! I think he’s a much better person then any of the Kardashians! If he were smart he would apply for joint custody of his kids and then get the hell away from the rest of that family!

  8. Lilith says

    I can’t believe she got pregnant again by this immature spoiled brat of what he calls a man. His entire personality is one of a sociopath.He only thinks of himself. She’d be wasting her life b/c she will work hard to raise the two babies and him,She’ll wake up after a few years and see how self-centered he is and get rid of him b/c he will never change. He’s just a smart ass bum.and behaves like alittle bratty child. It would be different if he was a “good person ” but he is not. Courtney you will never change him. Wake up and throw the bum out before you have another child by this jerk ! There’s plenty of other real men out there that will think of you and not himself all the time. Good luck getting rid of the parasite ! Lilith.

  9. Mark Drennen says

    She is better off without that loser, and now that he is gone…she should make sure he stays gone by not allowing him back into the house or her and their children’s lives,

  10. Linda says

    Not a big fan of Scott, but they all treat him like crap. The Kardashians try to make him into another Bruce, who has been castrated. Run Scott, you may be a better person after getting away from the Temple of Greed and people with no moral compass.

  11. tessiemae says

    He has walked out before, big freaking deal. She is not one of those weak women who falls apart because a man has left her. She knows how to get up and move one, strong women always do.

  12. Brooke says

    I think Kourtney is a good mom, but the way she treated Scott in the last season of KKTNY was appalling. If I treated my boyfriend like that he would have ran away like he was on fire. It’s one thing to be in a bad mood and deny sex every once in a while, but not all the time. It was evident that Scott was trying to be a better person… he wanted to sleep in the same bed as her but she kicked him out, he tried taking her on dates but she told him to go away. She is rude! (I’m not being mean, I actually like the Kardashians). Even her mother and sisters have said that Kourtney treats Scott like the sperm donor and that’s it. It’s sad. I feel bad for him.

    • Marti says

      well said, but I have to say Kourtney only acts like this when she is pregnet. I like kourt and scott together. The mother and Kimmy are the greedy ones

  13. Luna says

    I think that the guy is a jerk for using her just because she has money, he should love her for who she is not cause of cash. He is a total Jerk and I hope she has the guts to completly boot him out of her life,She deserves and needs someone who actuilly loves her.

    • andi says

      I learned from reading celebrity news not to envy any of these people. Despite allthemoney they have they are just as succeptible to all of the trials tribulations, ups downs etc that anyone in a modern relationship experiences. That being
      said…it is never wise to withold sex and use it as a weapon against your mate…if you dont want them leave or let them go…that method of control leads to cheating.

  14. ruth says

    I tink scot shuld work out of dat relationship and forget d money he gets frm kurtney,money isn’t evrytin, wouldn’t wnt them to treat him like chris is treatin bruce. I love the kadashians a lot bt for crying out loud,they tink they can do anytin in this world all cos of their money, bullshit.

  15. MoonRidr says

    The thought of this out-of-touch, crude, empty-headed, spoiled little brat “showing the ropes” is nothing short of hysterical. This kid doesn’t have a chance.

  16. Sky says

    I feel sorry for mason and this new baby. Not because of their mom but because of their dad. I would hate to grow up thinking there was an even slight possiblity that my parents were together for money. I’m ok with knowing I wasn’t planned. But to come into this world for money?

    I hope and pray I am wrong and that she just truly loves children and wanted her children to have the same father. So they would be full siblings. I did that. I was already having trouble in my marriage but wanted one more child. So we talked and decided to get pregnant. Knowing it wouldn’t make our troubles go away and would probably magnify them. But at least then they would both see their dad at the same time. They would both get a card, letter etc at the same time. No chance of one child having a dad actively participating in his life and the other one never seeing their dad.

    It didn’t work out with my marriage. We divorced and he has treated the boys equally. He has run from state to state to avoid paying child support and now lives on an indian reservation. The indian police and council will not let anyone onto the reservation to pick him up. So he got off scott free. The boys were treated exactly the same. Totally abandoned. Since the divorce he has seen the boys twice. That’s it.

    At least she and her kids hopefully won’t go thru that. She makes the most money in that relationship so if he doesn’t pay child support she can still support her kids. If he never sees them then they will grow up knowing it and make their own judgements about him like my boys did.

    They may grow up spoiled and bratty but their family is all family. It’s very difficult for a child to live in a family with lots of different baby daddies. Depression when one is loved and visited by his/her dad and the others are left sitting at home.

    She seems to be a good mom. He looks great and doesn’t seem to act too spoiled. So I say lets all leave her alone and let her try to do her best in a difficult situation and try to enjoy what is left of her pregnancy.

  17. Larry Fyne says

    What a dog he is? How he stays around this nasal-y sounding, snotty, little rich girl is beyond me. I wanna throw up every time I hear her much less see her. She’s getting what she’s dished out. Using this bastard child as a weapon to get her way has finally come to an end…I hope. If he was indeed using her for her money she got what she paid for. They’re tit for tat.

  18. Michelle says

    Kourtney should have known better than to open her legs AGAIN to this tool She is a spoiled, immature, and ugly dog faced bitch. Just because she has money and is knocked up does not mean she deserves any sympathy. What she does not seem to get is that it is the kids that will suffer because of her choices to have them with a loser. She is a dog and nothing but. I hope she honestly contracts every STD known to man and never get’s pregnant again.

  19. John says

    This story sounds so fishy. Do you make this stuff up? Iguess if there’s nothing to print you have to make up stories and justify it by saying, “we have been hearing rumors”.

    • says

      True. I bet this is all made up for publicity just to get people to watch the show. Fishy this just happened when the new season just started so people will keep watching. I bet the meeting momma k. had with her x-boyfriend was all staged for the show as well. None of them seem to have any real talent so they gotta keep the ratings up on the show to keep people watching. After all how else would they make any money.

  20. springsquaw says

    Kourtney lives to put Scott down. We all know he was a weasel to begin with, but he really needs to move on. She is a spoiled little bitch and loves to belittle him, he should have left before she got pregnant again.

  21. Kayla Andrews says

    This is so ridiculous! It’s all just stuff that her mom puts out there and they get paid to deal with it.

  22. Nomin Amarbayar says

    This is false Kourtney told Scott to go out with with kim they only went 2 times what is the big deal.

  23. Hmm says

    If having Mason didn’t make Scott grow up what made her think it would be any different with another child… Thats trapping someone and shes in the wrong. However she cant be mad if he goes out and she isnt there because shes the pregnant one not him and he can go do things that she cant. They both need to grow up for the sake of both of their children, I like Kourtney but she isn’t all that nice to Scott .

  24. Ms_D says

    I can’t believe how so many of you act as though you’re entitled to bash anyone however you please. Not saying Scott or Kourtney or any of them doesn’t screw things up now and then. Who hasn’t? However, what if the spotlight was on you and the choices you make? We all carry our own baggage whether we admit it or not.

    Just suggesting that maybe going off the deep end calling someone a ho or a k@#$ when you’ve never personally met tham is pretty childish. If you don’t like the show, don’t watch and keep your mouth shut.

  25. Kaori says

    Why do we care?
    I am bittersweet about this, wy is rob and khloe the only ones we don’t hear about. Cause they don’t hog the limelight like the rest.
    Kourtney is one of the Dashians that I don’t like mainly because I feel liek she’s just slow.
    Scott come on, it is obviously he wanted the mula. If there was no cameras he’d dash from the kardashians in a heart beat.
    I rather hear about Khole and Lamar and Rob… then the rest of the family.
    They need to just stop having a show for a while

  26. roy addams says

    These folks only care about money.but give them there due. This is a problem in america, the young people think these folks are real life.The mom is a tramp just like kim.I can not wait for a family photo ten years down the road.

  27. Timbucktooth says

    are all you people idoits ? this is 100% scripted to make people want to watch their shows!!
    these girls are all nothing but whores! their mother is an ugly money grubbing bitch! i feel sorry for ole bruce what a p-wipped dumb ass! that chris basket ball dude woke up quick and got the heck out of there! smart man, also i kinda like scott he should take the kids from her and get all her $$ the courts will allow!

  28. mou"nique says

    All them kardashians are [expletive] up and then you poeple make them feel extra special by covering for these fool as if you know them… your liife and focus on your iissues iinstead of thereZzz…..

  29. what is wrong... says

    Scott and the Kardasian. First she is very naive to think that having a baby would make a relasionship ok, second, she’s happy to be having a girl cause she will show her the ropes? what a boy is not taught the ropes just as her mother ignored their brother and concentrated on making hoores of the girls? Scott is smart, by getting out of this, this is no life I am sure he feels for his son and the new baby on the way but their lifestyle is certainly not a believable future.

  30. 1ofWethePeople says

    What really troubles me about all of this nonsense is the fact that many of these people are paid large sums of money to show and teach our children that it pays to be disfunctional and unteachable. Sick things are happening and then we wonder why our childrens school grades are getting lower in the world and how our citizens are getting fatter, etc etc. Something has to be done. While we have been successful in the US with special freedoms and services there are special interests out there who commit some serious harm to our people by selling out. Could be a TV ad. It Could be any ad but improper. The lawyers of today are a sad bunch of moochers who don’t chase ambulances. They cahse big corporations to the tune of even given them equality as a human being now. Sick Sick Crap.

  31. sarah says

    Why do you people believe everything you hear or read on the internet? Yes, Scott can be selfish but, Kourtney can be too. If they split up every time a tabloid said so, no one would be together. Scott has grown up a lot since they were first together, so give him and Kourtney a break. If you are a woman, pregnant and have a two year old, did you always want sex? Sex isn’t everything there is to marriage and if it was no one would be married.

  32. JoANN says

    If I were Kourtney I would be celebrating that SicDick or Dicksic is creepy. What they ever saw in each other is unexplainable to me. Kourtney acts like she is too tired to talk and just kind of mumbles all the time, sort of like an ’80’s Valley Girl. Kourtney, you are a grown up now. Act like it. Open your mouth when you talk, read a book so that when you do open you mouth to talk,you don’t sound like a 4th grader. Are you able to read to your son? Are you able to read at all? Get yourself back into school, read a newspaper or something.

  33. John Conners says

    Lol….Scott Di”si”ck walks out on the “Honey Boo Boo of Armenia”… this is priceless. A douche bag leaves a ho-bag Kar dash ho . It don’t get better. And Kim trying to get Reggie back by running naked thru endzone with bucket of fried chicken tied to her fat ass. Only those HO-BAG Karskankians can pull it off.

  34. Princess says

    Scott has his own money. I don’t understand why he stays with her. She sleeps with Mason. Scott has his own bedroom. If he is smart he will keep his children away from Kris Jenner. That woman is nuts and wants to be 15 again, which I find disgusting. Scott get out while you can and take your beautiful children with you.

  35. katjan68 says

    How can this woman show her daughter “the ropes” if she can’t even take care of her own life. She is not married, she keeps taking this bum back no matter what he does or who he sleeps with, she is used like a dormat, so what is she going to have to say to her daughter?

  36. Khat Aroo says

    Scott is not short on any funds and is not seeing Kourtney just for the money. I believe he really does love her. Scott did a major life transformation for the love of her and she, feeling justified, for whatever reason, continues to dis the Disick. (sorry, I couldn’t resist that one) If I were ignored as much as Scott, I would want to go out and let off some steam. I feel the most for the kids, for in the end, they will be at the brunt of an ugly situation. No winners here.

  37. bellame says

    Hi everybody! Great comments-(been ill–say only to explain NOT been “under a rock”!) anyway!–behind the times BAD! The K-family. I like them. I lost track way back when Kim lost her ring or whatever in water. (Told you!) I missed the wedding/divorce–in real time! Kourt’s preg again–this is number 2 right? II gotta get caught up–fans are the quickest way I know to do that. I like Scott too–I like everyone pretty much. They mess up–I roll eyes–they have bad luck–I feel sorry for them. Same cycle! Off to Bella/Edward land. Waiting for Nurse Jackie–my Mom was the original NJ–sans “assistance” I id with “Bella”–always out of step & people always think I’;m “mad”–I wonder if there is Kardashian news in Forks?! Thanks for the diverse comments guys–good observations on stories & each other’s opinions. Live & let live is still with us–GOOD!!!

  38. Sam Kidd says

    I hate this family. They are all sick as hell. I wish they all would die. I’m tired of everything having their name on it. Sickening. Just MONEY!! That’s all they are.

  39. Scott says

    WAAAA WAAA WAAA , high profile bittys & the mom promots that. I say NO WONDER HE WALKED, and he WASN’T in it for the money, but those bitty girls are, its what PPC pay & what the tabloids promote & thier “Lifestlye promotes hoopla and O ME ME ME O POOR ME… nothing but what goes around comes around … wouldn’t touch a single one of them with a 10 foot pole … attached or not … HAVE FUN GIRLS… raising your babys by your self . alone and crying … sorry I just HAD to vomment … but hey you got your cut of MY click … its what sells , and your selling … ALL BS… beytter click so you get your $ now (along with all they others … good or bad … its ratings… shes the one that spread her legs… for the rag mags & the cable stations

  40. Myself says

    What the heck part of the above racist comments is going to change the fact that the Scott guy’s a habitual drunk who got the girl pregnant twice, isn’t an athletic/not as much in shape either, doesn’t make anywhere near her net worth on his own, and waited so long to marry her, that she’s not even sure he’s the one anymore……

  41. regina says

    this is to all the bigots comment makers not all africa-american man gang bangers and killers we have some really goods guys and for people to be so racist its sickin to my stomach as for scoot he is a drunkin money hugry fool who needs to get some business about his self shes a alright mom see loves her kids. now back to the racists comment makers you make me feel like were still in slavary days maybe you need to be saying that about all the white mens shooting people. whats wrong with people like black men there not even white if you think about it half and half thank you very much shit talkers

  42. Mason says

    Scott is being scott. Kourtney knows what kind of guy he is so why are people shocked, surprised or disappointed? It’s her decision to keep getting trounced so that is on her.

  43. selena says

    I think Kourtney is a good mom. She cares a lot about her kids. She does like to be bossy and act more like a mother to Scott than his girlfriend. I like Scott sometimes. At times he can be immature, but other times he knows he has a family and really tries to be there for them and is trying hard to change and do whats right. I like watching the Kardashians reality show. People who do not like them do not have to watch them or like them or anything else. You have your life and they have theirs. Stop saying mean hateful comments about them. Look and see what skeletons you have in your closets before you come out judging

  44. Mo211 says

    I see there is a lot of racists piece of shits in here! There’s nothing wrong with a white women dating a black man or vice versa! If thats what they like, that’s what they, thats what they like..

  45. Mary says

    These are all sick people. Don ‘t watch much of the program, as I get enought of the name on TV. The way Scott has been treated in the family, it would drive you to drink. At his age, and not sleeping with girlfirend and limited sex, well, if you don’t get it at home your going to eventually go elsewhere. remember that Sex is not the important part of life, but nature calls and it is just being human. He tries with Kourtney, but she smiles and walks away and refuses his advnaces. At her age, what is wrong with her, as she was a hot chick when they started out. They are all ho’s at their time. Bruce, what a milk toast he turned out to be and lets Kris run his everyday moods. Separate bedrooms there also. At my age, 90, up to my husbands death, 4 years go, we slept together and I fell asleep in his arms every nite, and I miss it. It takes two and love doesn’t have to be sex only. Get them off the air, as they are sickening and the names blows me away.

  46. Ken says

    The Kardashian are a screwed up family with only Chloe & Bruce having a lick of scene. As for Kourtney she is a C___ that has treated Scott like $hit … Its good to see Scott finally wake and leave her bitched a$$ he’s life will be better in the long run and Kourtney life will be miserable cause she is never going to find someone to put up with her controling 4hit

  47. shere says

    Scott is a disgusting, self absorbed troll. Kourtney thinks she knows everything & treats Scott like he’s her bitch. All these Kardashian Bitches like to take their mens balls. Any man in his right mind should run like hell away from them & their reality show. Take this idiot show off the TV.

  48. db hooks says

    ALL KARDASHIANS are money hungry whores ,and the mother is a role model if you raise sluts and whores,which she did! bruce dump the whore!


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