The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Li’s Real Beef, Poppy’s Mints Caused Jack & Sheila’s Affair?

The Bold and The Beautiful: Li Finnegan (Naomi Matsuda)

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal that Li Finnegan (Naomi Matsuda) was horrified to learn that Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) is Luna Nozawa’s (Lisa Yamada) father.

Now, Li and Penelope “Poppy” Nozawa (Romy Park) have a decades-long feud. However fans still don’t know the real reason behind Li’s hatred for both Poppy and Luna.

Li has called them both gold diggers. Li hasn’t even taken the time to get to know who Luna is. So, could there be a scandalous reason for this?

Poppy Nozawa’s Introduction

B&B spoilers reveal that when Luna came to Forrester Creations, her mother soon followed. Poppy wasn’t sure about Luna’s decision considering the stained family dynamics. However, in the end, Poppy was really proud of Luna for following her dreams.

Eventually, people discovered that there was serious beef between Poppy and Li. The real reason has never been explained. Just vague explanations about Poppy’s wild partying ways and a scandalous affair at Li’s hospital. Something else must be behind the sisters’ division.

B&B Spoilers: Magical Mints Secret

Poppy was taking magical mints and we’re still not certain what they are. THC, a hallucinogen, opioids, or what? In any case, Poppy claimed she threw out her magical mints after Luna accidentally took them and cheated on Ridge “RJ” Forrester, Jr. (Joshua Hoffman) with Zende Forrester Dominguez (Delon de Metz).

While some people are aware of Luna’s mint mess, most aren’t. So, that is a soap secret that still needs to come out. Plus, did Poppy really quit the mints or is that just another story?

Bold and The Beautiful: Penelope “Poppy” Nozawa (Romy Park)

Bill Spencer’s Paternity Test

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal that Bill and Li shared a sweet moment after her rescue following a fiery crash. However, nothing even came of it.

Now that Bill is moving on with Poppy, Li is suddenly super concerned about the Spencer patriarch. Li bashed Poppy to Katie Logan (Heather Tom). Then, Li had to come back and say it turns out Bill really is Luna’s father.

When Li read the results, she almost seemed disappointed.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Jack Finnegan’s Redemption

Perhaps the real reason why Li hates Poppy so much is because of those darned mints. Maybe Luna isn’t the only victim of Poppy’s magical mints.

Is it possible that’s why Jack Finnegan (Ted King) ended up having a baby with Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown)? Jack’s story didn’t quite make sense and the man seriously needs redemption.

Magical mints making Jack sleep with Sheila would make more sense than Li working long shifts at the hospital, so stay tuned!

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