Little People, Big World Spoilers: Fans Slam Audrey Roloff After Making ‘Tactless’ Comments

Audrey Roloff

Little People, Big World spoilers reveal that fans are getting pretty upset with Audrey Roloff these days. The Roloffs recently welcomed their fourth child, a baby girl.

As her fans watched her on social media, they have started to notice that she has said some comments that weren’t exactly the best.

Audrey continues to share thoughts about her new baby online and now it looks as if some of her followers think that she is ‘tactless.’ Let’s find out why they think this.

Sharing Kids Online

Audrey often shares pictures and videos of her children on social media. She has gotten a lot of hate for how much she shared them and how some fans think it is all for attention.

Their newest child, Mira May Roloff has been all over Audrey’s social media account. Her fans love seeing her, but some of them think it is a little too much.

Audrey Roloff family

The comments all began to bother Audrey’s fans when she made a comment about the color of her baby’s hair on Instagram. Mira May was born with dark brown hair.

In her post featuring Mira May, she wrote, “Our first baby with a lot of dark hair!!!” She also shared an unhappy face emoji. Of course, this led her followers to think that this was a ‘tactless’ comment,

Redditors React

When Redditors shared their thoughts, most of them couldn’t believe that she would be disappointed about her child having dark hair.

Others pointed out that she should just be grateful that her baby is healthy and they were confused why the hair color was the main thing that she was complaining about.

This is when they called her “tactless, insensitive, and clueless.” A final Redditor pointed out that the family she married into is full of medical problems and she should just be happy that so far, none of her children have had to go through the operations that their cousins have.

Audrey’s followers are concerned that she isn’t happy about her baby’s hair color and just how small an issue this is. In the grand scheme of things, Mira May is healthy and seems to be doing very well. We will continue to keep an eye on her as she grows.

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