General Hospital Spoilers: Gregory’s Memorial Sends Finn Spiraling Into the Throes of Addiction

General Hospital

General Hospital spoilers leak Gregory Chase (Gregory Harrison) is gone, and his sons are about to bid their farewell to the most wonderful father they could ever have asked for.

As far as Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) is concerned, he knows he’s going to be okay, but he wasn’t expecting to have to endure this grief at this point in his life — in the days following his wedding to Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton).

Things are a bit different for Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton). He also wasn’t expecting to have to say goodbye to his father so soon, even though he knew he would have to down the road at some point.

Chase may lean on his wife and throw himself into his work to cope with his father’s death over time, but Finn is likely to lean in a much less healthy direction.

General Hospital Spoilers — Meaningless Words

Chase hasn’t been checking up on his big brother because he trusts him to do the right thing. He sees his relapse after finding his father dead as a temporary problem that has already resolved itself.

It’s the last thing on his mind right now as he prepares to scatter his father’s ashes. Finn thought he pulled himself together when he admitted his mistake to his brother and asked him to toss the bottle of booze from his apartment.

Chase is about to realize those words mean next to nothing in the face of an addict who has relapsed.

General Hsospital: Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton

GH Spoilers Report a New Red Flag is Raised

There is speculation of an accident occurring soon, and that could be at the hands of one very intoxicated doctor who can’t find the strength to put the bottle down and leave it that way.

st). If Finn is brought into the ER — or worse, flees the scene of an accident he caused that may harm someone else — there won’t be any turning back. In fact, the shame of the event or the risk of losing his career should be enough to drive him deeper into the bottle.

General Hospital Spoilers — It’s in the Wind

Requesting to be cremated and have his ashes scattered by his favorite tree in the park, Gregory’s sons may not feel as connected to him as they like, but it’ll hit differently for Finn as he continues to replay the events of the last few days of his father’s life in his mind.

Their fight over Finn’s affair with his stepmother just before her wedding to his father won’t leave him. Finding his dad cold and stiff in bed after what was one of the happiest nights of his life might’ve been the highest of highs for him to go out on, but Finn was still feeling low.

Will he continue to spiral downward without anyone knowing he hasn’t bounced back and is in need of help before it’s too late? Stay tuned for more GH news and spoilers to find out.

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