Little People, Big World Spoilers: Tori Roloff Feels Very Nervous About Lilah Roloff’s Surgery, Why?

Tori Roloff

Little People, Big World spoilers reveal that Tori Roloff has started to feel very nervous about her daughter, Lilah Roloff’s upcoming surgery.

Lilah suffers from sleep apnea and she is going to have a major surgery in order to try and give her some relief. Tori and Zach Roloff have been trying to work through this with her and her doctors, but they are pretty nervous about the surgery. Let’s find out why they are so nervous.

Surgery Nerves

On the newest episode of Tori and Zach’s podcast, Raising Heights, the couple opened up about what was next for Lilah and how they were feeling.

Lilah is only 4 years old and her parents know that this is a pretty big surgery for her. She has to have her tonsils and adenoids taken out and they are feeling pretty stressed and nervous about it. She is having surgery at the end of the month, so they have some time to prepare.

Even though this is a surgery that people have all the time, Tori explained that for people with dwarfism, there are many complications that could arise during the surgery.

Lilah Roloff

Lilah has pretty severe sleep apnea and Tori knows that this is the best way to rid her of it, but she is still incredibly nervous about what could happen during the surgery. She added, “Her waking up out of anesthesia is gonna be tough. She surprised us though for her sleep study, she surprised us. They didn’t do anything at her sleep study.”

The Kids and Surgeries

Lilah isn’t the first of the Roloff children to undergo surgery. Jackson Roloff had to have anesthesia before and it was hard for him to come out of it.

Tori is worried that she will have to go through the same process with Lilah that Jackson did and it wasn’t fun. After Jackson woke up, Tori said it was “pretty terrible” and he was unsure of what was happening to him at the time.

Doctors will want to keep Lilah overnight for her surgery and this is one of the major reasons that Tori and Zach are so nervous. They want to be there for her, but know that Lilah may be scared to be at the hospital for that long.

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