General Hospital Spoilers: Aiden Victim Of Hate Crime, Why He Goes Missing

General Hospital: Aiden Spencer (Enzo De Angelis)

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Liz Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst) discovers that Aiden Spencer (Enzo De Angelis) has gone missing.

Aiden has been a victim of bullying at school because of him more feminine tendencies. Has Aiden become a victim of a hate crime?

Aiden Spencer Loves To Cook

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Aiden has had paint thrown on himself and his book bag. Liz was concerned enough to get in touch with Aiden’s counselor at school.

Liz had suspicions that Aiden was being bullied. Of course, Aiden has baked since he was a young boy and still enjoys doing that.

Aiden is proud of his accomplishments and often brings baked goods to school and other functions. Unfortunately, some of the kids at school like to make fun of Aiden for doing this.

Baking is not considered to be something that men normally do, and these kids tend to pick on him for that. However, perhaps this time they have gone too far.

GH Spoilers: Aiden Spencer Has Been A Victim Before

Aiden has been bullied since he was a young child. This started with Aiden’s cousin, Charlotte Cassadine (Scarlett Fernandez) and never really stopped.

However, now that Aiden is older, the bullying seems to be getting worse and Aiden doesn’t want to talk about it. Aiden doesn’t want to be seen as going crying to mommy.

General Hospital: Aiden Spencer (Enzo De Angelis)

Since Aiden doesn’t seem to fight back it seems feasible that someone could take things too far and actually kidnap him just to stress him out.

After all, perhaps they feel it make this look more important by attacking someone who is different from them. Will Aiden survive this attack and return home okay?

General Hospital Spoilers: Aiden Spencer’s Horrific Experience

If Aiden is kidnapped, it would certainly be horrific knowing that no one knows what he has been going through or where to look for him.

Aiden has friends and family, but he may not have confided in his brother either. Will the young teenagers be able to help locate Aiden and bring him home safely?

What will happen to Aiden while he is away from his family? Aiden could be made fun of or worse, he could have more paint thrown at him.

Aiden’s attackers may use baking supplies to attack him such as flour, icing, etc. Where will Aiden be found? Is this just a prank or worse?

Aiden has done anything to turn anyone against him but it sems that he will be the victim of worse bullying anyway. How far will these people go before they leave Aiden alone? Will Aiden’s attackers be punished for this?

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