General Hospital Alum Coby Ryan McLaughlin Suffers Tragic Loss!

Coby Ryan McLaughlin

Sad news for fans of General Hospital (GH) alum, actor Coby Ryan McLaughlin who played cult leader Shiloh on the show has lost someone very special in his life. He hopped on Instagram recently to tell his fans about the passing of his longtime girlfriend, Mel.

GH Alum Goby Ryan McLaughlin’s Terrible Loss

In his IG post, Coby started off saying, “I posted this originally a couple days ago and took it down almost immediately. It felt too soon… I think it will always feel too soon.”

McLaughlin did not reveal the cause of her passing; however, did pay a beautiful tribute to his longtime love, calling her “My beautiful love” and going on to write, “The first thing I noticed about you was how you moved. Always in some sort of fluid motion… even when you were sitting still; always swaying to a melody that only you could hear. Music.

I could feel it when you touched me. We moved as one. Always in step. Easy. When we would lay next to each other, our bodies shifted effortlessly. As one. The way you touched me… pure.

Perfectly honest in intention. Light. Love. So full of love… we would lay in bed staring into each other, neither sharing the secrets of our thoughts. Didn’t have to. You looked at me with eyes so deeply full of love and trust… like it was predetermined from countless other lifetimes. It was the safest, most familiar thing I’ve ever known, and when you pulled me in to breathe with you, I was home. Breathing with you…”

Coby Ryan McLaughlin

The post, which simply was accompanied by a photo with a hat on a bed, continued on with, “We would intertwine in one another. Heart to heart, suspended, floating in nothingness… Together. Safe. Breathing you in… Your smell. I could smell you all over me. Completely. Your skin, your hair… my God, what I wouldn’t give to bury myself in you one last time, a handful of your hair, and just breathe.

Big, deep breaths, pulling that smell of home down deep inside of my lungs, letting it permeate every fiber of my being until I thought my heart would explode with the love I felt for you.

My person. My friend. My beloved. I am utterly destroyed from your early departure. I could not fathom the amount of pain that you were in. I could not help you. I could not save you. I know there will be a light again somewhere, someday, but today I am completely empty, and my despair bottomless.

I know you found the peace you needed. I’m sorry it couldn’t be in this lifetime. I promise I will find you again. I will know it’s you. I will come to you and we will once again move in step, bound in an endless union that knows no time, and has no constraints. I love you endlessly, my beautiful woman. Until the next lifetime.”

GH Alum Goby Ryan McLaughlin’s Beautiful Romance

McLaughlin talked about his love life with Soap Opera Digest (SOD) back in 2019, stating he and Mel had been dating for about a year and a half. He met her at a children’s birthday party, taking his daughter, Nico to the event.

The birthday was for one of Nico’s classmates in Malibu when he saw Mel walk in. He was instantly drawn to her and after a friend encouraged him to go talk to her, he did, and the rest was history! Coby added in the SOD interview that she and his daughter got along very well.

On behalf of everyone here, we send our deepest sympathies to Coby and his daughter, as well as all of Mel’s family, friends, and loved ones. Continue to visit SOS for the most up-to-date news and information in the land of soaps

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