The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Delon de Metz Speaks Out About Controversial & “Unfortunate” Storyline

Delon de Metz

The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) spoilers reveal that the show has involved Zende Forrester (Delon de Metz) and Luna (Lisa Yamada) in a controversial storyline and some fans would rather the whole plot go away.

Here’s what went down between these two characters: Luna ate tainted mints and unknowingly slept with ende thinking he was her BF, RJ Forrester (Joshua Hoffman).

Delon spoke out about the plot to The TV Watercooler, this is his take on the matter.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers: Delon de Metz Speaks Out

Delon thinks that both characters were not quite themselves that night. He said “And then when you get to it, he’s drinking. She’s high on these mints. Right? And then this 20-something-year-old guy comes in and sees her in his bed after he invited her over and she says, ‘I’ve been waiting for you!’”

He added “How do you assign blame? How do you assign blame to any of the parties involved? And even with those mints lying around. It’s a series of unfortunate events.”

The Bold and The Beautiful: Zende Forrester (Delon de Metz)

B&B spoilers: Delon de Metz Explains His Character

What does he think about Zende telling Luna to dump RJ for him? Delon said: “I think Zende is plot-committed at this point. There’s no going back. Zende does have feelings for Luna and those feelings for her were accelerated by the evening they spent together. He’s going to take the shot.”

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers: Delon de Metz Plays Zende Forrester

Zende has made it clear that he considers RJ a “golden boy” who is favored by the family. Does Delon think anyone would take Zende’s side if the truth comes out? This is what he had to say: “Zende has been pursuing R.J.’s girlfriend in not such a hidden manner. He’s very flirty and invited her to dinner. If that broke out, he might deserve a talking-to.”

“So, when you stack this on top of it, I don’t know? Even if no one is really at fault here, everyone was either drunk or high, it’s a little bit of a cloudy situation but he’ll keep pursuing her in this manner… It’s hard to see too many people having Zende’s side.”

Tell us what you think of this controversial plot B&B fans, do you want Luna to choose RJ or Zende?

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