Little People, Big World Spoilers: Lilah Roloff Attends the First Sleep Study And Zach Roloff is Nervous

Lilah Roloff

Little People, Big World spoilers reveal that as Lilah Roloff has started to age, her parents are working with doctors to figure out more of her health issues.

Lilah, who is only four years old has been to plenty of doctors and specialists already and it seems pretty overwhelming for a child her age.

During the newest episode of Litle People, Big World, her parents will take her to a sleep study to make sure that she is on track with her sleep. This has Zach Roloff incredibly nervous though. Let’s find out more.

Zach Shares His Worries

When Zach and Tori Roloff shared how they were feeling about this sleep study, a lot of feelings came up. Zach began by telling the cameras that he was “nervous about it. It’s going to be a long night, I think. And I don’t see Lilah… it going well.”

While Zach was sharing his concerns, Lilah was seen running around the house in her pajamas and wearing her backpack.

Tori felt that Lilah was very excited about her night away with her dad and she mentioned that Lilah thought they were going away on a spa date or something like that.

Tori opened up about the sleep study and how it is recommended for people with Dwarfism. The doctors want to be sure that she doesn’t have sleep apnea.

Zach and Tori Roloff

Zach added that he thinks it’s always a way to make sure that she is safe if she ever has to be put under anesthesia. He mentioned that this is something else that people with Dwarfism have to face.

How Will Lilah Do?

Zach and Tori are concerned about how Lilah will do when she gets to the sleep study. She is acting great at the moment, but what will happen when she gets there and realizes that she is not at a spa?

Her parents don’t want her to be terrified to go because they know that she will have a hard time recovering once she gets that scared.

It’s not easy for Tori and Zach to have to do this to their small child, but they want to make sure that she is on the right health path since she was born with Dwarfism.

Lilah’s health has been a concern to her parents, but now that they have to take her in for the sleep study, their nerves may get the best of them.

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