Young And The Restless Spoilers: Is Ashley Going Crazy Or Did Tucker Pay Off The Paris Café Waiter?

Young And The Restless: Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson)

Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers indicate that this his-said/she-said storyline involving Tucker McCall (Trevor St. John) and Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson) continues to heat up. Ash has been so riled up about the entire thing that she and Traci Abbott (Beth Maitland) went to Paris and visited the café where the big incident occurred.

Unfortunately, a waiter at the establishment corroborated Tucker’s side of things. Where does this storyline go from here?

Y&R Spoilers: Is Ashley Abbott Spiraling?

Y&R spoilers suggest that Ashley will be completely distraught during the aftermath of all this. Still, after she spoke to the waiter, Ms. Abbott took off in Paris, leaving Traci behind in the café.

The first phone call Ashley made was to Tucker, who was at Crimson, and he seemed pretty pleased with himself as soon as he saw her name on the call display.

He made a snarky comment, like, “How’s the trip to Paris going?”, and was extremely smug. This can be Tucker’s overall personality at times; however, it also seemed as if he knew that Ashley had been to the café and received the news she heard.

The Young And The Restless: Tucker McCall (Trevor St. John)

His face looked as if he was anticipating the call. Was this all just typical Tucker, or did he know about Ashley’s visit because he was informed by someone?

Y&R Spoilers: Did Tucker McCall Pay Off The Waiter?

This is the land of soaps, so anything is possible, right? Tucker may set this entire thing up because he could sense that Ashley was going to back out of the Glissade while on their honeymoon, and set her up from the beginning, paying off the waiter shortly after his outburst.

Not only could Tucker anticipate driving Ashley nuts by denying what she saw, but he also knows about her mental health issues in the past and might have thought this scheme would be the perfect way to get back at her.

Tucker is a master manipulator and loves mind games. This revenge plan would (and does) have far more of an impact than a Jabot takeover.

Is Ashley losing her mind or is this a setup from Tucker? Comment below! Watch the popular CBS soap each day to catch all the drama and visit this site often for the best Young and the Restless news, updates, and spoilers.

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