Little People Big World Amy Roloff Hates What Matt Roloff Has Done To Their Family Home

Amy Roloff

Little People Big World Spoilers indicate that Amy Roloff is completely devastated by what Matt Roloff has done to their family home.

Amy and Matt were married for years and lived on Roloff Farms. Since their divorce, Matt has bought out Amy’s share and changed everything. What does Amy hate so much about Matt’s actions?

Amy Roloff Helped Build Roloff Farms

Little People Big World Spoilers reveal that Roloff Farms is located in Oregon and is a major tourist destination, especially during pumpkin season.

Thousands of visitors stop by during their peak season every year but the farm wasn’t always this way. At one time, Roloff Farm was just a dream for Amy and Matt. It took years to make the farm what it is today.

In 1990, Amy and Matt purchased 34 acres of property with a farmhouse located on the land. At that time, 34 acres was a lot of land but the house was in need of a lot of repairs and the land needed a great deal of attention if it was going to be useful for the family for raising their children and supporting them.

Little People Big World Spoilers: Matt Roloff Bought Amy Roloff’s Share

Amy and Matt were very good at working together to make the farm a success. Unfortunately, Amy and Matt’s marriage didn’t fare so well.

Matt Roloff

In 2010, Matt and Amy purchased the 80 acres next to their farm. Of course, TLC fans have seen that Matt and Amy’s relationship didn’t work, however, the farm is still going strong.

In 2020, Matt bought Amy’s share of the farm. Ever since then, Matt has been in charge of everything connected to the farm. At least two of the kids have tried to buy part of the farm and Matt has refused.

However, Matt’s falling out with Zach And Tori Roloff has been the most well-documented of the arguments.

LPBW Spoilers: Matt Roloff Has Destroyed What They Built

In Amy’s eyes, she cannot stand to see what Matt has done to the farm they built together. Amy may not have any say over what Matt does with the farm anymore but that doesn’t change the fact that Amy has an emotional attachment to the land they worked so hard to make their family home.

Matt has tried to sell the family farm but that didn’t work out. However, Matt then decided to turn it into a short-term rental. A stay at the farmhouse can be booked through Vrbo, Airbnb, and more.

Amy is certainly not happy with this which is evident in the Season 25 trailer. Amy believes that the home was built for a family to live in and enjoy.

Keep checking back for all of your Little People Big World news and spoilers. LPBW can be seen on Tuesday on TLC.

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