General Hospital’s Jay And Joey Clay’s (Ace Cassidine) Mom Dealing With Addison Disease Crisis

General Hospital: Jay And Joey Clay

General Hospital (GH) spoilers suggest sometimes life can imitate art, as little actors Jay and Joey Clay (Ace Cassadine) are dealing with some sad family news.

Their mom, Lana Clay, recently revealed on social media that she’s been hospitalized and diagnosed with Addison’s Disease, among other health issues.

General Hospital’s Jay & Joey Clay’s (Ace Cassidine) Mom, Lana Clay, Updates Fans

In her social media post, Lana Clay writes that she wanted to take the opportunity to express her gratitude for the “overwhelming love and prayers” that she’s received. She goes on to tell fans about the signs that led to her recent hospitalization.

She adds that over the past few months, she had been feeling very exhausted; however, she chalked it up to being a mom to two young twin boys, as well as work, and other responsibilities.

She notes that she also began to see changes in her body; dizzy spells when she stood up and hyperpigmentation that spread across her face. Lana goes on to say that the week prior, she thought she had the flu, but when things took a bad turn, she headed to the emergency room.

General Hospital: Lana Clay

Lana Clay Reveals Her Diagnosis

In the social media post, she also tells fans she was hospitalized for a life-threatening illness known as sepsis, which is caused by the body’s overwhelming response to infection.

She adds that this can result in organ failure. Lana notes that she’s been dealing with colitis as well, which causes digestive issues and abdominal pain.

Ms. Clay’s metabolic and blood counts are in disarray, too, and she reminds fans that her seizures and leukemia history are complicating things, which is why doctors are monitoring her so closely.

She also received an abnormal chest X-ray that needs added attention, and if that wasn’t enough, she was diagnosed with a rare illness, Adrenal Insufficiency Disorder, also known as Addison’s disease.

This impacts the body’s ability to produce the hormone cortisol, and her levels are undetectable. She adds that this could’ve been fatal, and essentially, she was dealing with an Addison’s “crisis”.

Sounds like Lana has a lot going on, but the good news is that she’s in the hospital and getting the treatment and attention she needs.

On behalf of everyone here, we send prayers, healing vibes, and strength to Lana and the entire Clay family during this hard time. Tune into GH daily to see what Ace and his family are up to and visit CBL for the best General Hospital news and spoilers.

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