Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Solving The Mystery Of Everett And Bobbie

Days Of Our Lives: Everett Lynch

Days of Our Lives spoilers tease fireworks when Stephanie and Jada learn they were involved with the same man — but were they really?

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: What’s Really Happening With Everett?

The audience and much of Salem now know Blake Berris’s latest Salem character as Everett Lynch, the semi-nerdy reporter now editing The Spectator. He is also the man who ghosted Stephanie Johnson (Abigail Klein) while they were living in Seattle. Everett has made no secret of the fact that he wants Stephanie back and had planned to propose to her before an alleged car accident changed his life.

Everett claims that he lost his memory after the accident but once he realized who he was, he was determined to find Stephanie and win her back. Oddly enough, Everett is also the spitting image of the man Jada Hunter (Elia Cantu) was once married to but she knew him as Bobby.

Days Of Our Lives: Everett Lynch

Are Everett And Bobbie The Same Person?

It seems logical that the man we know as Everett also went by the name Bobby, but they could also be two different men. Perhaps DAYS will go the old soap trope route and make Everett and Bobby twins. They could also just look alike and not be related at all.

Then again, Everett could have a split personality and we learn that he has no idea he was ever involved with Jada. Maybe that split personality was who came out during his supposed amnesia days.

It seems highly doubtful that Everett is completely lying to Stehanie, but we know something more is up with him than meets the eye. He was even dizzy while on community cleanup duty in the park, so something could be wrong with him physically as well as mentally.

When Jada does spot Everett and starts lashing out at him, we make a bet he genuinely won’t even know who she is. However, we all have to wonder if a devilish Nick Fallon (the late character Berris used to play) will have anything to do with this story in the end. That would be the supernatural twist this plot needs.

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