Little People Big World Spoilers: Has Caryn Chandler’s son, Connor, Overdosed Numerous Times?

Little People Big World: Caryn Chandler

Little People, Big World’s Caryn Chandler’s son Connor has had some real problems. Recently, it has been claimed that Connor has overdosed numerous times and has been hospitalized for it.

Problems started in 2021 for Matt Roloff’s fiancé when her son pleaded guilty to threatening behavior toward his mother in 2020 that resulted in his arrest.

LPBW Spoilers: Caryn Chandler Became A Grandmother Soon After Connor’s Arrest

Shortly after Connor was arrested in 2021, Carlyn became a grandmother. Baby Liam was born in August 2021 and Caryn has shared a few photos of him on her social media accounts.

Pictures of her son, Connor, are few and far between. However, Connor does seem to be on speaking terms with his mom now, but not with his son’s mother, Ashley Washam.

Connor had moved into his mother’s Portland home after his split from Ashley Washam before Caryn put it on the market.

However, according to The Sun, he has moved on to new pastures. Unfortunately, Connor may not get to take his son, Liam, with him since Liam’s mother wants full custody of their son.

Chandler family

Little People Big World Spoilers: Information About Drug Overdoses

Little People Big World spoilers reveal that according to court documents, Ashley claims that she is afraid for Connor to be alone with Liam. TLC fans have learned that she says Connor’s erratic and unsafe behavior scares her.

Also according to The Sun, court documents claim that Ashley says Connor was hospitalized twelve times for overdosing.

The court memorandum also states that “Father also has/had a drug addiction with Xanax, an addiction that he claims he gave up when he turned eighteen. Mother also used to have a drug addiction to Xanax, but stopped using it before she became pregnant with Liam.”

LPBW Spoilers: How Does Caryn Chander Feel About The Custody War?

Caryn has kept quiet about the custody fight so fans can only wonder how she feels about it. Did Caryn know her son had such a drug problem?

Did Carly have any idea how many times her son has overdosed? Caryn isn’t saying but she is bound to feel hurt that her son has so many issues and could be cut off from his child.

However, Caryn doesn’t seem to want to make an issue of it so she stays quiet. Will Caryn’s son lose custody of his little boy because of these drug issues?

Should Connor concentrate on trying to get things under control so he can have time with his child instead? What are your thoughts on Caryn’s son and his family drama? Who do you think will win the custody fight for this little boy?

Keep checking back for all of your Little People Big World news and spoilers.

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