Little People, Big World Spoilers: Audrey Roloff Causes Concern During Dangerous Road Trip

Audrey Roloff

According to the Little People, Big World (LBPW) spoilers, Audrey Roloff caused concern during a dangerous road trip. Once again, fans called her out for her careless way of handling her kids and pets.

She got backlash over the holiday for her dangerous parenting decision. Read on to learn more.

LBPW Spoilers: Audrey Roloff Lets Cats Loose During Road Trip

The Little People, Big Spoilers reveal that Audrey Roloff let their cats loose during a long road trip. Instead of placing them inside crates, she let them climb over the car seats.

The TLC star took to her Instagram Story to share an update about their rental cabin. Most LPBW fans were concerned about the picture she posted.

The photo showed her daughter Ember with her cat Aspen on her lap. Their other cat Pine was also in the car. He rested on one of the headrests. Audrey talked about their wild card trip. She admitted they nearly got into a car accident.

“I feel like all I’ve done [is] pack up and unpack, load up, and unload for daysssss but after a long car ride yesterday with many stops and hiccups one of which included chasing a cat that escaped in the parking lot of a grocery store on the way here…”

Audrey Roloff shared in her Instagram Story. “We made it to our cabin in Sunriver and are excited to spend some slower days here for a while.”

Audrey Roloff

According to the Little People, Big World spoilers, fans took to Reddit to react to the TLC star’s latest post. Most of them argued that her cats should’ve been in carriers for the duration of the trip. Other fans called out Audrey for finding this act of carelessness amusing.

“So dangerous to just let the cat roam free like that,” one user wrote.

“Cat wouldn’t escape if the idiots put it in a proper carrier for travel for its safety,” another user noted.

Little People, Big World Spoilers: Audrey Roloff Concerns Fans

Audrey Roloff concerned fans with her lack of regard for their family pets. This brought up a heavy debate on the Reddit thread. Most LBPW fans shared the importance of safety during long drives, especially for cats. They shouldn’t roam around or escape as they could get lost or hit by another car.

The Little People, Big World spoilers found that Audrey is an irresponsible pet owner. This isn’t the first time that she’s been called out for the treatment of her cats.

Back in October 2023, Audrey filmed Aspen on Ember’s lap. The cat tried to get away, but Ember and her brother Bode held him tightly so he wouldn’t escape.

LBPW fans on Reddit criticized Audrey for the way her kids treated the cat. Most of them expressed “pity” for their family pet. Some believe the cat wanted to be saved.

What are your thoughts on Audrey Roloff’s treatment of their cats? Do you agree that she was being careless during their road trip? Sound off below in the comment section.

As always, check back for more LBPW spoilers, news, and updates.

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