General Hospital Spoilers: Jordan Has Brick In Her Corner, Can They Solve The Metro Court Sniper Case?

General Hospital: Jordan Ashford (Tanisha Harper)

General Hospital spoilers and updates tease Jordan Ashford (Tanisha Harper) has Brick (Stephen A. Smith) in her corner. With Brick’s help, can they solve the Metro Court sniper case?

General Hospital Spoilers: FBI Told Jordan Ashford To Stand Down

When Jordan finally got a lead on the weapon, the FBI took her in for questioning and told her to stand down, they didn’t want her nosing around in their case!

She was kept all night until a higher up interrupted the two agents questioning her and they let her go. She showed up at the hospital as Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) was talking to TJ Ashford (Tajh Bellow).

Anna had come to talk to TJ to see if he’d heard from his mom, since she’d missed her meeting with Anna the night before and she was worried.

But then Jordan came out of the elevator and explained everything that happened-and Anna agreed to help her investigation into Curtis Ashford’s (Donnell Turner) shooting.

General Hospital: Brick (Stephen A. Smith)

GH Spoilers: Previous Traces Brought Up The Gun Was From The WSB Berlin Arsenal

As far as police were able to get, was that the gun was from the WSB arsenal in Berlin, but not who checked it out or had stolen it. There was a theory it could have been a Pikeman fenced gun, and stolen, as the case may have been, and Jordan had a new lead.

She wasn’t able to follow up on it because of the FBI’s interference, but now Sonny Corinthos’ (Maurice Benard) man Brick is helping. There had been at least three shots from that gun, at Sonny and Anna, and Curtis was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Sonny had been having Brick investigate the shooting as well so now they’re combining forces working towards a common goal.

General Hospital Spoilers: More Cooperation From The WSB

Now that the corrupt WSB director John Brennan (Charles Mesure) is out of the way, Anna thinks they will get more cooperation from the WSB as well.

She’s not sure that any files will be released that would have shed light on who ordered the hit-Jordan and Anna both suspect it could have been Brennan.

The most important thing, which they discuss with Brick also, is to make sure there’s not still someone out there they’re in danger from.

The person who held that gun and shot it and the person who ordered them to’s identities are the whole reason for tracing the gun farther than the WSB arsenal. Hopefully, Brick can get through the red tape and find what they’re looking for without tipping off the FBI.

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