Little People, Big World Spoilers: Fans Concerned With Audrey Roloff Putting Her Children And Unborn Child In Danger

Audrey Roloff

Little People, Big World spoilers reveal that fans of the famous Roloff family are very concerned about the safety of Audrey Roloff’s children and unborn child.

This isn’t the first time that fans have shown concern when it comes to how Audrey treats her children. Now that Audrey is pregnant with baby number four, her fans feel that she is putting her unborn child in danger too. What happened? Let’s find out why fans are so upset with her.

Audrey On Instagram

Audrey’s followers on social media often call her out for her behavior and beliefs. She doesn’t seem to care what these followers say about her and she continues to share her content daily.

In fact, a lot of her followers feel that she uses her children as a way to get clicks from followers on Instagram. This could be one of the many ways that she makes money since she doesn’t work a normal job.

Audrey Roloff’

From what her followers have seen on social media, Audrey has allowed her small children to play with fire and even go on hikes in the forest with no shoes on. Her latest post had fans upset with her since not only was her youngest, Radley in danger, but also her unborn child.

Why Are Fans So Mad?

During the holiday family get-together, Audrey was seen at Amy Roloff’s home. There were photos of Audrey with her children and one fan saw something so bad that t they just had to call her out.

Audrey was seen driving the Kubota tractor with Radley sitting in her lap. He wasn’t wearing a seatbelt and neither was she. She kept snapping selfies of the two of them as she drove and her followers thought that this was irresponsible.

Redditors were shocked to see these photos go viral and of course, they had about the safety of the children. One Redditor wrote, “Him on her lap and her pregnant belly as well. Just shows how she actually thinks that bad things won’t happen to her because she’s so wonderful. Just ask her.”

Others chimed in that her idea of parenting is to see just how cool she can be to her kids and that she never takes their safety as a concern.

Audrey will continue to make these choices and post them online and her followers will just have to try to give her advice for now.

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