General Hospital Spoilers: Drew’s Behavior Explained As Imposter Switch Is Revealed

General Hospital Spoilers: Drew’s Behavior Explained As Imposter Switch Is Revealed

General Hospital Spoilers indicate that Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) is just not acting like himself lately. After everything that Drew has been through since he has been in Port Charles, a prison beating just doesn’t add up to bring the cause of his recent change of behavior. Could Drew be an imposter after all?

Sam McCall Is Concerned About Drew Cain’s Behavior

General Hospital Spoilers reveal that no one except Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) seems to be concerned about Drew’s recent change in behavior. However, for Sam, Drew’s recent decision about sending their daughter, Scout Cain (Cosette Abinante) away to boarding school at Westwood Academy has set off some alarm bells.

Drew has not been very actively involved in their daughter’s life for years. Drew was kidnapped by Victor Cassadine (ex-Charles Shaughnessy) for years before returning and ending up in prison. However, Drew suddenly decided that their daughter needed to go to boarding school so he secured a spot and sent her there without so much as consulting Sam.

GH Spoilers: Did Drew Cain Really Come Home?

Let’s be honest, Drew has been acting off ever since he returned from the dead. What if Victor managed to give someone else Drew’s memories and switched them before he ever returned home?

Perhaps Victor somehow managed to change the cards that controlled his programming and put someone else in his place while Drew is being held elsewhere?

If not, what if the switch took place in solitary confinement? Is the real Drew still being held in Pentonville by the warden while an imposter has taken over his life?

General Hospital Spoilers: Drew’s Behavior Explained As Imposter Switch Is Revealed

Could Scout have noticed the difference and that is why Drew sent her away? Why else would Drew take Scout away from her family that she is so close to?

General Hospital Spoilers: Do The Writers Have An Explanation For This?

So far the writers have not explained Drew’s behavior. However, it seems that something is certainly off with this character somewhere.

Drew should be eager to spend time with his daughter and get to know her since he has missed over half of her life. Drew should want to stick around town and run his company but none of that seems to be the case.

Why could Drew return home just to split once again? Where is Drew’s emotional connection to anyone? Drew seems to be once again in the situation of having these memories with no real emotional connection to them. When will the real Drew return? Will the truth ever surface about what happened to him?

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