Sister Wives Spoilers: Is Janelle Brown Broke? Why Do Fans Think So?

Janelle Brown

Sister Wives spoilers reveal that Janelle Brown could be broke now that she has left her marriage with Kody Brown.

She has made a lot of changes in her life since leaving him and of course, fans thought that she was doing well for herself with her Plexus business.

It turns out that she may not be doing as well as everyone once thought. Did leaving Kody cause her to lose everything? Let’s find out what fans are speculating about and if she is true that broke these days.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Does She Have Nothing Left?

Sister Wives has become one of the most popular shows on TLC and the Browns have made quite a living from it.

All of the wives had their own side hustles and Janelle was doing very well with her Plexus business, but has business dropped since?

Janelle has her real estate license as well and used to be a breadwinner in the Brown family. Now it seems as if she may not be making the money she once did and this has become pretty evident by watching the show.

Kody Brown

In the latest episode, Janelle and Kody got into a pretty explosive fight. During the fight, both Kody and Janelle made it clear that the family was crumbling emotionally, but also financially.

Janelle said, “After Kody left and I got over the shock I thought: ‘Oh my heck. I have nothing.’ Financially, I’m tied up in this property, everything as far as estate goes, any kind of savings money. Anything is tied up in this property. I am a smart woman and I’ve done this very dumb thing. I trusted in this family structure, but now I’m really stuck. Oh my heck. I’m 50 and I have nothing.”

Sister Wives Updates – Will The Browns Crumble For Good?

When it comes to Kody’s polygamist dream, once Christine Brown left, the entire family unit began to crumble.

He wanted to save his marriages, but it seemed as if he was too late to do so. He has admitted to being a hypocrite when it came to his marriages, but he did very little to repair the damage that his three wives claim that he did.

It turns out that Kody’s wives were ready to say goodbye to him years ago, but it turns out that they all did their best to see if he would change.

When he didn’t address the concerns that they had or tried to change himself, they decided that it was time to call it quits. Did Janelle go broke after she left him?

We will have to keep watching Sister Wives this season to find out more.

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