Duggar Fans Retch As Joy-Anna Enjoys Squirrel Cookout?

Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth mostly posts sweet videos and scenes of her children and her husband, Austin. However, they do sometimes get slammed by Counting On fans. This weekend, it’s all about them attending a squirrel cookout and loving it. Actually, some people claim the idea of that makes them want to be anywhere else but there.

Joy-Anna Duggar Gets Lambasted

Mostly, people like the Counting On alum’s videos and posts. However, on occasion, she gets lambasted. For example, she once got hammered by critics when it was time for her son Gideaon’s birthday. What irked her followers is that she and Austin got in the car with the kids and drove off. So far, not a problem, except that neither of them bothered to buckle up. So, they were slammed as irresponsible parents.

Another time that Duggar critics ranted about her, came when Gideon needed a milk tooth pulled. The poor kid was in so much pain as he cried. Eventually, they persuaded him to get it pulled with a piece of string. Well, that made him cry even more. Certainly, the poor child was upset and looked to be in pain. So TLC fans slammed her for child exploitation for a few dollars of earnings from YouTube. But this week, they slammed both of the Forsyths for going to a squirrel cookout

Duggar Fans Claim They Want To Retch – The  Squirrel Cookout

Did you know that you can go online and find the top-winning squirrel recipes from Bentonville, Arkansas? Certainly, it seems that people in Arkansas like their meat and eat it in many forms. For many people, they cannot get the idea of that. So, many people claimed they felt awful thinking about Joy-Anna Forsyth claiming it was the best thing to do. They attended the Springdale cookout competition on the weekend. In her Story, she said, “What better way to spend your Saturday at the World Champion Squirrel Cook Off.”

Joy-Anna Forsyth via Reddit

The post soon made its way to Reddit where Duggar critics had their say about the big day for Joy’s family. U//ebop212 said in a caption about the screenshot, “Joy-Anna and family at squirrel cookoff.” Immediately, Counting On fans started to snark about it. And let’s face it, not everyone decides to go to a squirrel cookout on a Saturday in the fall. Most people might be turning their thoughts toward pumpkin fairs in the near future. So, people posted a lot of alternatives they’d rather do

TLC Fans seem Disgusted

The Duggar daughter found a lot lot critics. Here is what what some of them said:

…I can think of 10000 better ways to spend a Saturday, including getting a cavity filled and getting a pap smear.

My apprehension isn’t with the idea that people eat squirrel; it’s the fact that there’s a “world championship” for cooking it?? I grew up eating spam which I know is disgusting to many and if I was going around saying the best way to spend a Saturday is at the spam world championship cook-off I would fully expect my friends to mock me for it

The first time I learned that some people eat squirrel was when a friend told a story about being in Louisiana and seeing squirrel head soup.

My weak stomach would make it hard for me to hide my gag reflex at the sight.

What are your thoughts? Do you think that there are a million other things better to do on a Saturday than go to a squirrel cookout?  Let us know in the comments below.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the Duggar family right now. Come back here often for more Counting On spoilers, news, and updates.

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