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Joy-Anna Duggar Is Getting Hate From Allegedly Exploiting Her Kids

The Duggars spoilers, news, and updates tease that Joy-Anna Forsyth, previously known as Joy-Anna Duggar, for using her kids to earn money.

Some fans were criticizing Joy-Anna, the fifth sibling in the scandalous Duggar family of 19 Kids and Counting, because they think she is using her children to make money.

Counting On Spoilers – The Exploitation Content

These speculations started when she made YouTube content about her kids. She’s documenting their lives and their life as a family as well.

In a certain video, their eldest child was crying because of his tooth. Apparently, his milk tooth was about to come out, and he was in a lot of pain. His whole experience was filmed—even the part where his tooth was taken out by a floss.

The boy, Gideon Martyn, didn’t stop crying even after the tooth was pulled out. It was clear that he was still in pain after his whole experience.

Some viewers were quick to point out that this was child exploitation and that Joy-Anna was using her child’s pain to gain more views.

But Joy-Anna clarified that Gideon was crying because of his allergies and not because of the pain from his tooth.

Counting On Updates – The Duggars Association With Scandals

This is not the first time that one of the Duggars was associated with issues. Their whole family was even involved in a bigger scandal because of their association with Jim Bob. On top of that, there were issues of sexual abuse among some siblings involving the eldest, Josh Duggar.

Now, most of the siblings have their own lives and families, and Joy-Anna is one of them. She married Austin Forsyth, and they recently had their third child.

It seems like Joy-Anna never really backed out from the limelight, as she has over 200k subscribers on YouTube. She uploads vlogs about her family life every week.

It’s not really different from how she grew up on reality TV. However, the difference is she has control over her platform. Now, she decides what to show or not.

A lot of viewers love watching her videos because of their wholesome themes, but they were shocked that she was actually earning for posting on the platform.

Apart from that, she shares some clickbait-y titles, like rushing her daughter to the hospital before her birthday. Her daughter had a medical condition and needed immediate medical attention.

But she filmed the whole experience, which is why a lot of viewers think that this is exploitation.

Wholesome parenting content is different, but filming in times of emergency seems like crying for attention at the expense of her children.

Thankfully, their daughter, Evelyn Mae, was okay, and it was just a severe case of constipation. Well, how did the daughter even get such a condition, even with proper care?

Did she even film that? We just wish their children well, and we hope that whatever she’s earning with the content will still be for the proper care of her children. Maybe she should just focus on wholesome content like what fans initially liked.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with The Duggars right now. Come back here often for The Duggars spoilers, news, and updates.

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