Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Chloe Learns The Truth About Sarah’s Baby

Days Of Our Lives: Chloe Lane (Nadia Bjorlin)

Days Of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Chloe Lane (Nadia Bjorlin) will be in the right place at the right to to learn a huge secret. Now that Chloe knows the truth about Sarah Horton’s baby’s paternity, what will she do with it?

Chloe Lane Learns A Huge Secret Right Before Her Wedding

Days of Our Lives Spoilers reveal that if you want to keep a secret in Salem, perhaps you should not discuss it in Horton Square. Chloe ran to the square to pick out a dress for her wedding to Xander Cook (Paul Telfer).

Chloe and Xander were all set to go to New York to include her family in their plans. However, Chloe found Rex Brady (Kyle Lowder) and Phillip Kiiakis (John Paul Lavoisier) in a discussion,

Chloe heard them say that Rex was not the father of the baby, Xander is. So what will Chloe do with this information? Chloe should take this straight home and tell Xander what she overheard.

Chloe could also urge Xander to go visit Sarah again and see if she tells him what he needs to know. After all, this is something Xander has a right to know before he marries someone else.

DOOL Spoilers: Xander Cook And Sarah Horton Share News

Xander decides to visit Sarah at the hospital before jetting off to New York to marry Chloe. Xander will share the news with Sarah that he and Chloe are getting married today.

Sarah will share the news of her and Rex’s wedding plans as well. Sarah is doing this because she doesn’t want Xander to know about the baby.

Days Of Our Lives: Sarah Horton

Rex is nobody’s fool. Rex is very well aware that Sarah is not in love with him. However, Rex cares for Sarah and wants to help her protect her child. Rex also knows they have to keep the truth from Xander.

What is Rex thinking discussing this where he can be overheard? Has Rex forgotten that Xander’s family and his fiancé live in Salem as well?

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Rex Brady Is Unaware

Both Rex and Phillip are completely unaware that Chloe has overheard their conversation. However, chances are that she will forget about her dress as the realization that she may lose Xander hits her.

Sarah has made a point of lying to Xander for months and now she is continuing to do so. Xander deserves to know the truth, but will Chloe tell him?

Chloe may even decide she needs to confront Sarah on her own after all. Sarah allowed Xander to be there and coach her as she delivered this child and still didn’t tell him the truth.

Will Chloe confront Sarah or will she tell Xander what she knows? Will Chloe be just as cruel and keep this secret from Xander as well?

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