Did Sister Wives Star Mykelti Photoshop Meri Out Of A Wedding Photo?

Did Sister Wives Star Mykelti Photoshop Meri Out Of A Wedding Photo?

Sister Wives star Mykelti Padron is all about Robyn Brown and it’s believed that she doesn’t get along with Meri Brown. But does she dislike Kody’s former first wife to the point where she would photoshop her out of a photo from Gwendlyn’s wedding? Some people seem to think that she did that, as two comparable phto0s appeared on social media.

Sister Wives: Mykelti Padron Posts A Wedding Photo

When Gwendlyn married Beatriz this weekend, photos were slow to come out. However, Meri Brown dropped a picture of Leon all dressed up for the wedding. Later, it was Mykelti who was the first to post multiple photos of the big day for the clan. Later, Christine shared some photos and they revealed that both Kody and her current fiance, David Woolley also attended. So did the twins of Tony and Mykelti, Hunter, Logan, and many more familiar faces.

Sister Wives fans could see from the many photos that everyone dressed up nicely and most of them looked very smart. Meri wasn’t present in a lot of pictures that emerged so far. However, there were some photos taken and shared. One of them came from Hunter, and the other one, which might have had Meri in it at one stage, came from Mykelti. Judging by the faces and body postures, the pictures must have been taken almost within seconds of each other.

Sister Wives: Two Photos – One By Mykelti Padron Was Photoshopped?

Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball suggested on Instagram, that Mykelti had cut Meri Brown out of her family photo. She claimed that she could still see part of where Meri’s leg had been. Meanwhile, she also posted up an almost identical photo shared by Hunter. Clearly, she opined, the two photos came from “different cameras,” but were snapped at almost the exact same time. In her caption, she said, “In hunter’s photo on the top, Meri is clearly visible standing beside Leon. Meri was at the wedding and for sure in the photo.”

Did Sister Wives Star Mykelti Photoshop Meri Out Of A Wedding Photo
Hunter Brown And Mykelti Padron via Without A Crystal Ball / Instagram

Continuing, the Sister Wives critic also said, “Mykelti’s photo image removed the head of Meri and she then attempted to darken the area where Meri’s legs are visible. Though a shadow of Meri’s legs is still visible.” Then she reminded people that they were “Two different photos,” not the same photo from a single camera that had been altered. Above, you can see where Katie Joy marked the differences that she could see.

Fans Discuss The Cutting Out Of Meri

Some Sister Wives fans argued that there were too many differences between the people in the photo to justify accusing Mykleti of photoshopping Meri out of it. Meanwhile, others disagreed and felt that they were too similar to have been posed completely separately. One follower felt that Meri could have simply stepped away. But that doesn’t account for the shadowed leg.

What are your thoughts? Can you see where Meri’s leg was? Do you think that Mykelti cut out Meri? And if she did, is it a clear sign that she despises Kody’s former wife? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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