General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Curtis Can’t Stand Seeing Jordan Move On — Portia Notices!

General Hospital: Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner)

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease Portia Robinson (Brook Kerr) has been at her wit’s end with the love triangle that has taken over her life; she just doesn’t know she’s in one. She was elated to have her brother, Zeke Robinson (Gavin Houston), come into town and provide some much-needed support. Portia has been desperately trying to keep her daughter, Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali), away from Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Chavez), knowing that he is bad news. Now with Zeke by her side, she may just have a fighting chance. While there may have been time for that before, someone else might take center stage in Zeke’s life soon — Jordan Ashford (Tanisha Harper). Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) isn’t going to be keen on Zeke’s new lady friend, but he’ll have to keep his feelings to himself as Portia is overjoyed by the new pairing.

General Hospital Spoilers — Curtis Ashford Pulls Away From Portia Robinson

Zeke’s lack of knowledge regarding Jordan’s ex-husband is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. Will Jordan be able to convince Zeke that she is moving on and has no interest in rekindling her past romance with Curtis now? Zeke is undoubtedly going to be ticked that his brother-in-law essentially cheated on Portia, but Curtis doesn’t really see it that way. However, it’s convenient that Curtis also doesn’t want Portia to know about his liplock with Jordan, because she would probably see it the same way that Zeke does. As Curtis scrambles to navigate how he’s going to keep Zeke at bay, Portia is going to notice how distracted he becomes.

General Hospital Updates – Portia Robinson Is Blind To Curtis Ashford’s Plight

Portia won’t expect the constant comments from her husband Zeke and Jordan dating. She thought they were past all of that and were moving forward, but now she’s left wondering if Curtis is still stuck in his past. Instead of being present in their marriage and working on their future, she will be left feeling like he’s a million miles away, caught up in his obsession with what his ex-wife is up to.

General Hospital: Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) and Jordan Ashford (Tanisha Harper)

If Curtis wants to save their marriage, he needs to understand that their present and future are more important than his past. But that’s easier said than done when it will feel like Zeke is flaunting himself as Curtis’ replacement in Jordan’s life. Curtis may have to lead Portia to believe his problem is Zeke, rather than Jordan, just to throw her off his scent.

Zeke Robinson Makes An Underhanded Move

Zeke will certainly find himself between a rock and a hard place. Seeing how concerned Portia is about Jordan, it’ll be clear that her insecurities are at an all-time high. It’s almost as if she sees Jordan as a potential threat to her marriage with Curtis. Nevertheless, she’ll also be rallying behind Zeke’s decision to date Jordan, and praising her for being in their corner when Trina was missing. However, if Zeke considers dating Jordan just to keep her away from Curtis, he may be playing with fire. Of course, the real question is whether Portia will ask him to go even further in his efforts to protect her marriage. How do you see this family affair playing out? Let us know, and keep checking back for more GH news and spoilers along the way.