90 Day Fiancé Star Loren Brovarnik Posts Post-Mother’s Day Pic With Paul Zahn

Loren Brovarnik

90 Day Fiancé fans are familiar with Loren Brovarnik being in the media and now it turns out she seems to be friends with LA-based Paul Zahn. If you don’t know, he’s an icon in the media and as a TV show host. The brand marketer and writer certainly has a resume to write home about. This week, Loren posted a photo of him and spoke about Mother’s Day.

90 Day Fiancé Star Loren Brovarnik Reveals Paul With Her Daughter

Loren and Alexei went from being who? to being very popular stars on TLC. These days, they are best known for Pillow Talk, a spinoff. Additionally, they made headlines by winning an MTV award. While Alexei is not so vocal, his wife is becoming an advocate for awareness about postpartum depression. Plus, she’s an influencer with 1.4 million followers on Instagram. So, it’s no big surprise that she posted a photo of herself with Paul Zahn this week.

The 90 Day Fiancé star quickly grew her family with Alexei. Best known because of his early appearance on Pillow Talk, is cute Shai. Actually, TLC fans fell in love with him and later, with their second son, Asher. Then, her only daughter. Ariel came so soon after Asher that she ended up with three kids under three. Although Ariel took time to grow strong enough to leave the NICU, these days she really looks very cute, and she managed that with Paul Zach as well.

90 Day Fiancé: Loren Brovarnik & Paul Zahn Shared A Photo

On May 15, Paul and Loren posted up a joint photo of him with Loren and baby Ariel. Ariel wore what looked like the bottoms of a swimsuit. Meanwhile, Loren wore a black bikini and Paul also wore swimming gear. Clearly, they had been by a swimming pool somewhere. In her caption, Loren said, “Post Mother’s Day celebration with Uncle Paula.” Then, the TLC star used the hashtags, “#momfluencer #unclepaula #influencersinthewild, [and] #NOfilter.”

90 Day Fiancé Star Loren Brovarnik Posts Mother's Day Pic With Paul Zahn
Loren Brovarnik / Instagram

90 Day Fiancé fans noticed that Paul Zahn entered the comments. He said, “Ariel comes with me. No questions asked!” Well, TLC fans seem interested as to why she calls him “Paula.” His joking reply came as: “bc I SLAY!!!!!” Well,  it was a valid question because it’s commonly used as a girl’s name across the world. Perhaps that’s what the kids call him. There was a Paula Zahn who was part of the documentary, On the Case with Paula Zahn. Anyway, it was only of passing interest in the comments on Instagram.

Other Comments

90 Day Fiancé fans gave up discussing why or how Loren might know Paul and they focused on the photo. Speaking about Airel, one fan said, “Those eyes!! She’s going to be stunning, just like her momma!” 

Meanwhile, noticing how good Loren looks after the birth of her baby girl, another TLC follower wrote, “what I imagine is all that hard exercise and walking she does [keeps her slim]. I give her so much credit. She sure has lots on her plate.”

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