Disney Triggers Happy Memories For VPR Alum Jax Taylor

Jax Taylor

Disney is a world of wondrous magic, and many people, young and old, love going there. Jax Taylor, formerly of Vanderpump Rules, (VPR), takes his little boy, Cruz there as often as he can. This week, he revealed how the world of Walt triggers very happy memories of his own childhood.

Jax Taylor Loves Taking Cruz To Disney

If you plan on visiting the Magic Kingdom, it’s helpful to know what to expect before going. There are several theme parks to choose from, not just in the USA, and they’re all packed with people waiting in long lines for their turn on the many fantastic rides. However, you can go during the week to reduce wait times, which it seems like Jax Taylor did this week. Brittany also went along, and the little family seems to have had a wonderful time.

The VPR alums’ son, Cruz is two years old and he’s now old enough to really enjoy Disney. Fans love the little boy who is clearly one of the most photogenic kids to ever arrive amongst the cast of Vanderpump Rules. Bravo fans get to see plenty of pictures of him on Jax Taylor’s Instagram. Plus, Brittany Cartwright shares photos. Additionally, her mom, Sherri posts up images of her grandson. If you don’t know, Jax also runs an Instagram account for Cruz. So, lots of people see the charming youngster.

Disney Triggers Memories For Jax Taylor

On Wednesday this week, Jax took to his Instagram and shared a photo that Brittany took. In it, he carried Cruz who was fast asleep against his shoulder. Clearly, the kid took a nap after some of the excitement of the day. In his caption, the VPR alum said, “Luckily in this shot, Cruz woke up right before we got on the Jungle…so he didn’t miss any excitement.” Next, he thanked his wife for taking the sweet photo.

Disney Triggers Happy Memories For VPR Alum Jax Taylor
Jax Taylor / Instagram


The former Bravo star also mentioned how Disney triggers special memories for him. He wrote, “One of the best things about being a father is getting to live like a kid…again.” He also explained how much he enjoys seeing his son love the place as much as he did. His caption went on with: “I used to love like going to Disney with my parents and seeing Mickey and all characters in person. Nothing like seeing your child’s face light up when they are in the happiest place on earth.”

Bravo Fans Respond In The Comments

The photo taken at Disney also triggered memories of the old Jax, the TV show’s villain. One follower said, “Just wanted to let you know that I am so amazed at your personal growth. I have been listening to you and Britney’s podcast and it’s really good. So nice to see that you have [grown] up into the man you could be.”

Another follower opined, “Being a father looks good on u! You are blessed with one of the BEST partners on the planet to go thru this absolutely amazing experience of being a parent with!”

Do you love to see Jax Taylor making memories with his son and being a great dad? Did you ever think he would do that? Let us know in the comments below.

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