The Young And The Restless (Y&R) Spoilers: Summer Newman Abbott Confronts Sally Spectra

The Young And The Restless: Summer Newman Abbott (Allison Lainer)

Y&R Spoilers- Summer Newman Abbott Finds Another Reason to Dislike Sally Spectra

The Young and the Restless Spoilers reveal Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) is pregnant with Adam Newman’s (Mark Grossman) baby. As if she didn’t dislike her enough already, Summer Newman Abbott (Allison Lainer) now has another reason. While she has been busy dealing with her own drama, Summer hasn’t kept in contact with her dad Nicholas “Nick” Newman (Joshua Morrow) and the events going on in his life. While she already can’t stand the fact that he is in a relationship with an enemy of hers, she does love him deeply and even if she doesn’t support who he is dating, what will happen when Sally tells her that she is pregnant and it’s not Nick’s?

The Young And The Restless Spoilers – Sally Spectra Confronts Summer Newman Abbott

Y&R Spoilers reveal Sally and Summer will eventually have a confrontation with each other. During the argument I can see Summer berating and shaming Sally for putting her dad through everything she has and that she does not deserve him. Sally may hide her insecurities well but one thing is she isn’t very secure in NIck’s feelings for her and Summer could use this to her advantage. Sally will most definitely stand up for herself as well as her unborn child but this bombshell could be the fuel Summer uses to set Sally’s world on fire.

The Young And The Restless: Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope)

The Young And The Restless Updates – Summer Newman Abbott Tries To Break Up Sally Spectra And Nick Newman

One thing I will give Summer credit for is the loyalty she has for her family. While she is busy trying to keep husband Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) from getting too close to Diane Jenkins (Susan Walters), she hasn’t had much time to catch up with her father. Once she finds out that Sally is pregnant with Adam’s child this could send her on a tirade and she will more than likely try to break the two of them up. She seems like such a sweet and nice girl but Summer can act exactly like her mother as well.

She will use everything she can to convince Nick that he needs to cut ties with Sally and focus on finding someone better for him. He has been amazing though, standing up to anyone who has anything negative to say about Sally. While Nick loves his daughter and knows she is just doing this out of love he will remind her that this is his life and if he is okay raising another man’s baby then Summer should be as well. I am sure that Summer will protest the idea of her dad staying with someone like Sally but the heart wants what the heart wants.