OutDaughtered Dad Adam Busby Claps Back At Critic On Nepal Trip

Adam Busby

OutDaughtered fans long ago learned that trolling Adam and Danielle Busby for taking vacations is a fruitless waste of energy. However, there’s always someone who feels they need to talk about their humble beginnings and their lifestyle these days. At the moment, Adam is exploring Nepal and he clapped back at a critic who talked about him being able to afford a visit to an exotic destination.

OutDaughtered: Adam Busby Mentioned His Businesses Years Ago

OutDaughtered scenes made of the fact that Danielle didn’t like it that Adam was commuting to Dallas because Adam had a job offer. Actually, it turned out that he owned the business But, TLC glossed over that sort of thing. In fact, he grew irritated about the way the show portrayed him. Later, he told his followers that they owned seven businesses and not just the two that TLC finally mentioned. These days, Danielle also runs her brick-and-mortar retail outlet for Graeson Bee.

OutDaughtered fans who see the couple travel or take the kids to places like the Woodlands Resort and Conference Center in Texas, often complain about it. Many of them seem to think that the couple makes fortune off their kids on the TV show. The way they go on about it, you would think they worked for the IRS.  At the moment, Danielle and the kids are at home while Adam explores Nepal with his friend Brian. And, it was just a matter of time before someone arrived with the question of affordability.

OutDaughtered Dad Adam Busby Claps Back

On March 12, Adam surprised his fans by sharing some photos from Nepal. In his caption, he said, “First full day in Nepal after the jet lag kicked my butt. We visited the monkey Temple and walked through the city. It is sensory overload here. Just wait until you see my video from a ride in the taxi.🤯 WILD!” Some folks discussed the nice photos, but one of them slapped at his spending.

OutDaughtered Dad Adam Busby Claps Back At Critic On Nepal Trip
Adam Busby / Instagram

An OutDaughtered critic wrote, in the comments, “YOU know I love this show. However. I just dont get how they can afford all they do? Having kids seems to pay better than hard WORK.” Well, the TLC star wasn’t going to let that go by unchallenged.

Adam said, “yea, raising 6 kids on top of managing the 7 different companies we outright own or have vested interest in isn’t hard work. I guess we are just really lucky. 🙃.” Next, he told them, “we continually seek God’s will and steward our family and our time well and he is always faithful.”

Another follower opined that they only got the money to run businesses because of the quints and the TV show., But is that correct?

The Couple Didn’t Always Work At Target

OutDaughtered fans know that Adam and  Danielle met when he was 21 and they both worked at Target in Louisiana. However, they didn’t stay there. In fact, by the time the quints arrived, they had long before moved to Houston, Texas.

In fact, that happened nine years before the quints were born. At the time, he described himself as a key accounts manager.  If you don’t know, they worked hard to save the money for the intrauterine insemination that resulted in the quints. No wonder Adam clapped back at the inference that he only earned money by exploiting his kids for a TV show.

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