90 Day Fiance: Anna Campisi Reveals Gokhan At 11 Months Old

Anna Campisi

How is it possible that 90 Day Fiance star Anna Campisi and Mursel Mistanoglu can have a baby boy that gets sweeter by the day? Actually, fans fell hard for the cute baby who was born by a surrogate. Of course, it’s hard to imagine now, that Gokhan wasn’t previously a member of their family. This week, he turned 11 months old and he melted the hearts of TLC fans yet again with his cuteness.

90 Day Fiance: A Year Ago It Was A Bad time For Anna Campisi

About this time last year, Anna was really stressing about her baby. If you don’t know, the woman who carried their son to full term was a surrogate from Ukraine. Of course, with the start of the Russian military operation, she was very worried. Luckily, she managed to get into the country via Warsaw, Poland. Eventually, with a lot of help, she found her son and got him safely to the USA. Far away from the tides of war, he now grows up with a loving family. Super-cute, fans just can’t get enough of him.

90 Day Fiance fans see a lot of updates about Gokhan. In fact, they decided that Leo’s half-brother is the spitting image of Mursel Mistanoglu. He’s really growing fast and there is a visible difference between his 10-month and 11th-month updates. At 10 months, Gokhan was described as “happy, cute, and playful.” Fans laughed because he sat there trying to eat the 10-month milestone card. Did you know that he started trying to crawl months ago as he went in search of his dad?

90 Day Fiance: Baby Talk At 11 Months Old

This week, when Anna Campisi shared about her son at 11 months old, he looks a bit thinner in his face. Aww, soon he might lose his chubby little baby cheeks. Anyway, he certainly seemed very happy. He smiled and giggled and made a bit of baby talk while his mom filmed him. In the clip, he wore a blue and white striped top and it was noticeable that his little mohawk is finally growing out. Actually, fans loved that little mohawk as he looked so very cute with it.

90 Day Fiance Anna Campisi Reveals Baby Gokhan Turns 11 Months Old
Anna Campisi / Instagram

In her caption this week, the 90 Day Fiance star wrote, “Our little Gokhan is 11 months now!” It’s hard to imagine because the war started before his birth and it’s still going on. A lot can happen in 11 months. For the moms of babies, time flies even faster. One thing that fans can agree on, is that he looks like an absolutely adorable child. Fans were very taken by the reel. Tiffany from @90DayFianceJunky commented, “Omgoodness…what a sweetheart.” Well, he sure is, judging by other reactions.

Fans React To Cutie-Pie Kid

One 90 Day Fiance fan wrote, “He is adorable and growing up fast and crawling around.” Meanwhile, another follower commented, “Oh my gosh Gohkan is so adorable 🥰 love his little sounds.”

Others described him as a “little angel.”  One of those people was Cynthia Decker from Pillow Talk.

Do you agree that Gokhan is a real cutie-pie at 11 months old? Let us know in the comments below.

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