Little People Big World’s Tori Slammed After A Visit To Disneyland With The Kids

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Little People Big World spoilers, news, and updates tease that Tori Roloff was called out after a Disneyland trip with her family.

Tori Roloff, who became an important Little People, Big World cast after marrying Zach Roloff, was recently called out by some fans for taking her kids to Disneyland.

Tori is active on social media and often shares what she’s up to, especially with the kids. She recently went on a trip to Disneyland with her husband and three children, Josiah, Lilah, and Jackson.

Some people criticized her for bringing the kids to the amusement park, saying that they won’t be able to remember the trip, implying that it is wasteful to bring kids to parks like that. Especially in Disneyland, which has pricey admission tickets, not to mention the prices of food and souvenirs inside.

Little People Big World Spoilers – Tori Roloff Shares Disneyland Highlights

In a video, Tori shared how her family spent the day at the park in the form of a video montage. They wore the signature Mickey Mouse ears and watched the parade. She also shared a couple of pictures in her timeline. Jackson was wearing a Spiderman outfit, while Lilah was wearing an Elsa dress. The family clearly was having a great time.

But comments show that not everybody was pleased. As mentioned, some people say it is wasteful to bring the kids because of how expensive it is to go on a trip to the said park.

Some comments pointed out that the only reason why Tori brought her kids, despite being that young, is that admission to Disneyland is free for toddlers and babies. Otherwise, it would be really expensive for the whole family.

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Little People Big World Updates – Tori Roloff Defends Her Family

Some people really have a way of ruining someone else’s joy. So how does it matter that the children won’t remember the trip if it’s assumed that they were admitted for free? You could see on Tori’s pictures that the kids probably enjoyed. And they have lots of pictures and videos that they can look back to.

Tori was right to defend her family’s decision to take the trip. After all, it is her family. People should stop meddling with other people’s lives, especially if what they are trying to do is just have a simple, fun day as a family.

It is known that some fans of the show often have something to say about the Roloff family, especially after the conflict between Zach and his dad, and Tori’s supposed role in it. But throughout the series, Tori rarely gets criticized. And to be honest, this slamming from their Disneyland trip is totally uncalled for.

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