GH Star Kimberly McCullough Reveals Her Recent Health Scare

GH Star Kimberly McCullough Reveals Her Recent Health Scare

General Hospital spoilers, news, and updates tease Kimberly McCullough just went through a massive health scare. Kimberly McCullough, who played Dr. Robin Scorpio Drake in General Hospital, shared that she got scared after experiencing dizziness. She said that she immediately thought that it could be a stroke, but her fear went away after it turned out that it was just vertigo, a benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, to be specific.

General Hospital Spoilers: Vertigo Is Not That Serious

This disorder is a common cause of vertigo that causes brief dizziness. It is usually triggered by the sudden change of your head’s position. One of the causes of this vertigo is ear damage.

It would seem like a serious health scare because you could feel disoriented after having this. But it could really turn into something serious if you physically hurt yourself while having this vertigo, like falling on your head or something.

McCullough shared her experience on Instagram by posting a photo of a document with details about benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, saying that she had experienced it herself.

She said that if anyone feels like their head is spinning, it could be the same disorder and that it doesn’t mean you are dying.

She also explained this in detail, saying, “You just have tiny rocks in your ear that have migrated to the wrong place and can be maneuvered back into their original resting place by someone holding your head at a 45-degree angle and then rolling your body over to the same side.”

General Hospital spoilers: Mccullough Is Fine

Fortunately, she is doing better, and this disorder doesn’t pose long-term effects. She just wanted to share her experience.

McCullough played Robin until 2018. Her character also appeared in the General Hospital spinoff Port Charles and played a lead in General Hospital: Night Shift.

GH Star Kimberly McCullough Reveals Her Recent Health Scare

She also appeared in another soap opera, All My Children. But ever since her departure from General Hospital, McCullough continued being in show business, but this time, off-camera. She became a successful director, directing some episodes of other TV series like High School Musical: The Musical: The Series (Disney+), Boo, Bitch (Netflix), and How I Met Your Father (Hulu).

McCullough recently paid tribute to her co-star Sonya Eddy, who played Epiphany Johnson in General Hospital. Eddy passed away at 55 last December after a serious infection. McCullough reunited with her General Hospital co-stars Minae Noji (Kelly Lee) and Kent King (Lainey Winters) to remember Eddy.

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