General Hospital Spoilers: Brad Hopes Aunt Selina Will Turn Him Loose — Will She?

General Hospital Spoilers: Brad Hopes Aunt Selina Will Turn Him Loose — Will She?

General Hospital Spoilers reveal Brad Cooper (Parry Shen) is changing gears with his life. Due to a serious windfall in his favor as he stands to inherit Britt Westbourne’s (Kelly Thiebaud) estate in the wake of her death, Brad would like to do something good with the money. He can’t do much though unless his aunt, Selina Wu (Lydia Look), gives him the reins back to his own life.

Selina pulled a lot of strings to get Brad out of Pentonville, including going to Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and asking him to sway his own family in any way he could so that they wouldn’t turn the parole review board against Brad. Since getting out of lock-up, Brad has been at his aunt’s beck and call, and she intends to keep him there. So she might not take kindly to his suggestion that he leave her employ and strike out on his own now that he has everything Britt left behind to help him do it.

General Hospital Spoilers — Brad Approaches Aunt Selina

Brad is nervous by nature. It won’t be easy for him to approach someone as intimidating as his Aunt Selina, and he needs her support to branch out on his own. Money isn’t everything, and falling from grace taught Brad that well. He lost his husband and happy marriage when he conspired with Nelle Benson Jerome (Chloe Lanier) to conceal the death of Willow Tait’s (Katelyn MacMullen) child and swapped the baby with Wiley Corinthos (Viron Weaver).

Selina is all he has left now that Britt is gone, too. He doesn’t want to forsake his aunt and risk losing her love and loyalty just because he doesn’t need her anymore and isn’t serving her needs anymore.

GH Spoilers Hint Brad is Still Locked Up

Selina is a mob queen and knows how to keep her enemies close. While Brad isn’t an enemy by any means, she knows he isn’t hanging around her because he wanted in on her lifestyle. Rather, he can’t afford anything better and isn’t considered credible enough to employ in a serious role in virtually any career field.

Thus, Selina’s digs and her employ as his best shot at making any real money. But he doesn’t need to make nearly as much money now; so he’d rather move on and do something more meaningful with his life. It’s too bad Selina won’t see it that way. Brad may not be in jail, but he’s not free either.

General Hospital Spoilers: Brad Hopes Aunt Selina Will Turn Him Loose — Will She?

General Hospital Spoilers — Selina Has More on Brad and She’s Not Afraid to Use It

When Brad tells his Aunt Selina that he wants to forge ahead on his own and make something out of his life with the gift that Britt left behind, she just might seek to extort him out of all of it, or worse. She could turn him in for his crimes. That’s right, Selina has put Brad in some pretty awful predicaments that left him doing things he never would have done if she wasn’t forcing his hand or coercing him so he could get what he wanted.

That has always been Brad’s weakness. When she threatens to expose his other crimes, he could turn around and do just the same to her, but he knows Selina has the power to conceal her moves and take him out — powers he does not have in return. Will Selina keep Brad on a leash forever? How will he find his way out of this one? Stay tuned for more GH news and spoilers to find out.