Little People, Big World Spoilers: Do Tori And Amy Roloff Have A Secret Feud?

Amy and Tori Roloff

Little People, Big World spoilers reveal that there could be a secret feud between Amy and Tori Roloff. With all of the focus on the feud between Zach and Matt Roloff, fans were shocked to hear that there was more than one fight going on. What is happening between Amy and Tori? Find out here.

Little People Big World Spoilers – The Newest Feud

The Roloffs are no strangers to family feuds, but this one wasn’t that obvious. We will often see Tori and Amy hanging out. Amy loves spending time with her grandchildren and will do anything to do so. Amy has always been the one in the family that seems to hold them all in place. She tries to keep the peace too. She is always so happy and positive, so it was pretty shocking to find out that something was going on between her and Tori.

In one of the last episodes of the show, Tori was quick to open up about the feud between her and Amy. There has always been tension between her and Matt, especially since the selling of the Roloff farm. Tori made a statement that she and Amy used to hang out “all the time.” She mentioned to her husband that they were “going through a rough patch.”

Little People Big World Updates – What Really Happened?

Once producers heard that there was bad blood between Tori and Amy, they wanted to hear more. Tori then went on to say that Amy sometimes likes to give advice on raising her children. Tori doesn’t like when others try to chip in and help raise their children. This is something that she has always wanted to do on her own. She just doesn’t like when Amy tries to butt in, but Zach told her, “I’ve seen your work. I actually really like your work! I live with your work.”

Amy Roloff

Fans of the show feel that Tori is just taking this too personally and that all mothers and mothers-in-law do this. No matter what Tori is feeling, her fans have told her to try and shake it off. They have told her that she means well and she is just trying to help. Will Tori and Amy repair this relationship before it is too late? Fans really do hope so since Tori’s kids can’t see their grandfather because of the other silly family feud happening with the Roloffs right now.

You can see more of Tori, Zach, and their adorable family on their Instagram accounts, where they post very regularly.

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