Little People, Big World Spoilers: Matt Roloff Did NOT See Kids For Christmas

Matt Roloff

Little People, Big World spoilers reveal that Matt Roloff was not able to spend Christmas with any of his children this year. Christmas has always been a huge holiday for the Roloffs and this year, fans noticed that Matt did not see any of his children this year for Christmas, but what was he doing instead?

Little People Big World Spoilers – Matt Roloff’s Christmas Celebration

With the family feud that has been going on in the Roloff family, the holidays haven’t been easy on everyone. Matt has been working on renting out the farm as an Airbnb, but he hasn’t had any interest yet. This seems to be a huge financial strain on him, but he told fans that he wasn’t looking forward to having to do the maintenance on the property, but if he continues to rent it out in this way, he will have to continue to do so.

We are not sure how the feud affected Matt’s emotions this Christmas, but we do know that he was not with his children. He and his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler decided that they would spend the holiday in Arizona to celebrate with his mother.

Little People Big World Updates – Matt Roloff’s Christmas Posts

Matt shared some photos of himself and Caryn during the holidays. He shared with fans, “We have been blessed to spend lots of time back here in Arizona visiting with my mom, Caryn’s folks, and our group of friends down here. We’re super happy to get back here in time to spend Christmas weekend with our loved ones down here.

Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler

It’s my mother’s first major holiday without my dad. We had dinner together last night and I’m happy to report my beautiful mother is doing wonderful and constantly meeting and enjoying her new friendships since my father’s passing.”

Matt’s fans shared their thoughts with him on this post. One wrote, “Just love you and Caryn. Would love to see more of the two of you and much less of Zach and Tori. Really so tired of hearing those two complaining as well as Amy. As their mother, Amy should be aiding in reconciliation.” Another wrote, “Merry Christmas, but Matt, I can’t wait until you drop Caryn. She’s just no good for you.” One more added, “I pray to God Zach and Tori stop speaking ill of you in front of their kids. Some people shouldn’t be parents.” One more chimed in, “I am so disappointed in you, Matt. Really enjoyed the show before you started trying to make money off of everything.”

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