90 Day Fiancé Spoilers: Has Andrei Castravet Caused Chaos In The Potthast Family?

90 Day Fiancé: Andrei Castravet

90 Day Fiancé spoilers reveal that fans of the show are convinced that Andrei Castravet has started all of the chaos in their family. In the most recent episode of the show, the Potthast family goes to a therapy session to try and sort out everything that has been happening in their family. Libby and Andrei weren’t sure if they wanted to go, but they did. Libby was terrified that her husband would get into another fight with her brother, Charlie Potthast. They are constantly fighting when they see one another. As they get ready to go, Libby asks Andrei if he can just keep his comments about her family to himself.

90 Day Fiancé  Spoilers – The Family Drama

As soon as the family arrives, we could feel the tension mounting. Charlie had it on his mind already that he was going to have to defend himself no matter what. He knew that Andrei could possibly attack him since he has a track record of doing so. Charlie made it a point to let the therapist know that the family was doing great until Andrei arrived. He said that he thought Andrei is the real reason that the family is divided. This led Andrei to get angry and told Charlie that he was very disrespectful to him and his family.

Andrei calls out Charlie for being an alcoholic and that is when they began to scream at each other. The men, of course, get very aggressive and this therapy session turns out just like any of the other interactions between Charlie and Andrei.

90 Day Fiancé: Andrei Castravet

90 Day Fiancé  Updates – Fan Reactions

From all of the interactions that we have seen between these two so far, Charlie and Andrei have never gotten along. The scene in the therapy session was not a surprise to viewers at all. The men constantly blame each other for the family drama and they can never see what it is they are doing to the family and one another. They never admit to being wrong and they constantly feel that they have to outdo the other.

Twitter lit up with reactions from fans about the therapy session. One wrote, “Well it’s finally happening. The Family Therapy Session is happening. Charlie is like ‘BRO…BRO…BRO…’ Andrei doesn’t even let anyone get a word in edgewise.” Another wrote, “Y’all been treating Libby like this since Andrei came on the scene…Libby’s family is definitely the problem. Andrei just doesn’t make it better.” One more added, “Charlie and Andrei are both the problem… Libby’s sisters don’t help the situation either! You don’t like him fine, but it’s not your business as long as he’s not abusive.”

This therapy session was definitely one of a kind and now it looks like things are even tenser in the family.

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