Little People, Big World Spoilers: Matt Roloff’s Son Ignores His Birthday

Matt Roloff

Little People, Big World spoilers reveal that fans were shocked to see that Matt Roloff was completely ignored by his sons on his birthday. In a post that he shared this past weekend, it seems as if Matt wasn’t shown any love by his sons, Zach and Jeremy Roloff and this has led fans to believe that they are still angry with him.

Little People Big World Spoilers – Matt Roloff Snubbed By Sons

Over the weekend, Matt decided that he needed to promote the pumpkin farm since they are in full swing this fall. In the picture, he was dressed like Rod Stewart and playing a fake guitar. There was text over the picture that read, “Come on out to celebrate Matt Roloff’s birthday!” There was a discount code on pumpkins in the post as well.

Of course, all of Matt’s fans wanted to wish him well on his birthday and sent a lot of comments filled with love. There is one big thing that his fans noticed though. There were no comments about Matt from his sons.

Roloff farm

Little People Big World Updates – No Birthday Love

Fans have checked all other social media outlets and realized that none of his children shared that it was their father’s birthday. The reason behind the snubbing could be the fact that Matt chose to sell part of the Roloff farm even though his sons offered to buy it from him.

From the very start, many viewers assumed that Zach or Jeremy would get the farm. They are the oldest sons and it just seemed right that they would get it. Now it looks as if Jacob Roloff has been helping out there and some fans think that he will get the farm since he has been working to renovate it and get it up and working.

We hope that Matt had a great birthday and that things on the farm are running as smoothly as possible now that pumpkin season is here!

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