OutDaughtered Spoilers: Fans Try Guessing Who Makes The Silliest Face


OutDaughtered spoilers and updates tease that there is a lot of fun from the Busby family. Even out of season, Adam and Danielle keep their TLC fans entertained with photos and videos of the quints and their big sister Blayke. Often light-hearted, Danielle’s posts seem engaging and pure family fun. This weekend, she shared a photo of everyone making a silly face. So, fans enjoyed trying to guess who made the silliest face of all.

OutDaughtered Spoilers – Light-Hearted Fun With The Silliest Faces

Sometimes, the TLC family makes funny faces without even trying too hard. Recall, in the last season of the show, the network revealed the family out and about enjoying Halloween. When the Busby family settled in for an evening watching their own entertainment, the kids laughed at their dad who looked very funny. Actually, he only realized that the lighting made his mustache look weirdly dark in the episode once he watched it.

Of all the OutDaughtered kids, Ava Lane, one of the twins, seemed an expert at making funny faces. Even as a tiny tot, the six-year-old used to pose for photos with a silly face. Did she win in the latest photos that Daniele shared? A few fans seemed to think so. One follower commented on Danielle’s Instagram on April 18, “LOL They all look silly but I think Ava is the expert!” Mind you, in a sea of funny faces, obviously, other people came up with different choices.


Danielle Busby Gets The Family Making Silly Faces

OutDaughtered mom Danielle encourages the kids to make silly faces. In her caption, she explained that when she wants a photo of the family, it’s easier to just tell them to make a silly face. Certainly, it looks like all the kids love doing that. Adam, Blayke, Danielle, Ava, Olvia, Riley, Hazel, and Parker all joined in the fun. Hands-down, fans agreed that the quints pull it of the best. Many of them claimed that Parker definitely made the silliest face. Meanwhile, Blayke just can’t look too silly with those lovely blue eyes.

The OutDaughtered quint, Riley also got a mention once or twice. One follower chose both Parker and Riley, saying, “Hahaha look at Parker and Riri 🔥😍.” Actually, the whole family looked so goofy, that other TLC fans struggled with selecting only one of them. Little redhead, Hazel also got a few nominations as the silliest face. However, the most choices went to Parker Kate. So, it looks like she took the win.

OutDaughtered Updates – Parker Kate Loved By OutDaughtered Fans

TLC fans hold a special place in their hearts for Parker Kate. Recall, a few years ago, TLC revealed that Adam and Danielle took her to an occupational therapist. She suffered from almost debilitating anxiety. However, these days, she found her self-confidence and stands tall and proud. Now, she can claim the title of the Busby who makes the silliest face!

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