Caribbean Paradise: Live Like A Local In St. Lucia For Six Weeks

St. Lucia

St. Lucia is encouraging travelers to make the most of their stay in the Caribbean destination with a six-week living experience.

St. Lucia is a truly beautiful Caribbean destination. The island is home to the marvelous geologic wonder called the Pitons, a UNESCO World Heritage site. St. Lucia offers great beaches overlooking clear, turquoise waters, as well as diving in the Caribbean Sea, exploring jungles, waterfalls and so much more. The towns offer traditional dining and a good share of the renowned St. Lucia hospitality. Now, St. Lucia is inviting travelers and remote workers to experience the island in a whole different way – staying up to six weeks and living like a local.

Note: Before booking, US travelers should check the COVID-19 pandemic status of St. Lucia here.

St. Lucia

Don’t Just Visit, Live It!

The Caribbean island of St. Lucia has announced a new program, appropriately named “Live It” which encourages people to visit this beautiful destination on a longer-term basis. Instead of a typical vacation, your stay in St. Lucia will have the emphasis of living like a local, learning more about life on the island.

To participate in this marvelous program, people are encouraged to complete a free online form, where they will be paired with a local tour operator. The operator will then act as a personal guide both before and during their stay. Whether staying in a villa or hotel, the guide will tailor activities to suit visitors, including exploring the rainforests, learning local recipes, hiking the Pitons, diving the beautiful reefs, or uncovering hidden gems that visitors to the island normally cannot find.

Remote workers will find that free Wi-Fi is available across the island at public venues, villas, and hotels. The latter already offer great remote work programs, including special perks and all the business amenities a remote worker could desire.

St. Lucia

St. Lucia’s tourism minister, Hon. Dominic Fedee explained the reasoning for the “Live It program.” He said, “In a shorter visit, travelers are limited to a few activities, but if they stay for longer they get to roam locally, decompress from a year of lockdowns and also work remotely.”

“With so many things to explore safely in St Lucia paired with the demand for extended vacations, we created this immersive program so visitors can live like a local while feeling like a member of the family,” Fedee added.

COVID-19 Protocols In St. Lucia

Keeping in mind COVID-19 health and safety protocols, travelers have a choice to stay at dozens of COVID-certified hotels and private villas on the island. After the first 14 days, visitors are then free to change residence to another villa or hotel and to explore various areas of the island.

Should visitors wish to extend their stay in St. Lucia past the six-week period, they can work with their tour operator to apply for an extension of their visa of up to one year. Read more about the Live It experience on the island’s official website. Also, enjoy the beautiful views St. Lucia has to offer in the YouTube video included below.

If you have six weeks of your life free to live in a paradise-like a local in St. Lucia, this is the ideal way to go.

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