The Young And The Restless (Y&R) Spoilers: Sofia Pernas Lands Permanent Role

The Young And The Restless: Sofia Pernas

The Young and The Restless (Y&R) spoilers and updates tease that there is great news for actress Sofia Pernas. The former cast member of the successful soap opera, Young And The Restless, Sofia Pernas, has joined the cast of a forthcoming comedy-drama by ABC in a permanent role. Sofia was entered for her role as the character Marissa Sierras, the ex-wife of the millionaire, Luca Santori. 

The Young And The Restless Spoilers – What Is Sofia Pernas’ New Permanent Role? 

The ABC single comedy series, titled “Adopted”, is the creation of Jimmy Kimmel and Shawn Vance. Jimmy Kimmel is also the executive producer of this comedy series. The comedy will be jointly produced by ABC Studios and Kimmelot, alongside WheelHouse Entertainment.

The comedy is based on a true event. The comedy revolves around a Green beret veteran, who returns to his family in Texas, after years in the military. He comes home to cope with the challenges of accepting the adoption of a 12-year-old boy of Russian descent by the family. This makes the boy his new brother.

Apart from Sofia, other cast members for the series include Tate Moore, Maxin Swinton, Wendie Malick, Bruce Campbell, Reyn Doi, and Shawn Vance acting like himself. Shawn Vance plays the role of Shawn Voss, the military veteran who is struggling to cope with life as a civilian. He is a perfectionist, who believed everything jas to be done right, going as far as tormenting his new brother, Daniel Voss.

Maxim Swinton plays the character of the socially retarded Russian boy, Daniel Voss. He is a sweet kid, who is scarred by the traumas of his childhood which makes him drift between extreme happiness and sadness. His only desire is to make a real emotional connection with members of his new family.

Bruce Cambell takes on the role of John Voss, father to the military veteran, Shawn. Wendie Malick plays Michelle Voss, the extremely anxious mother of the family, while Tate Moore stars Chelsea Voss, the happy-go-lucky person of the Voss family. Reyn Doi takes on the character “Thumpter”, the likable friend of Daniel Voss, who has a passionate love for God and girls.

Sofia plays the character of a specialist in matters related to the successful adoption of children, Doctor Zora.

The character Dr. Zora is described as a lady who is charming, intelligent, and well skilled in the art of smoothly evading advances from admirers with a winning smile, like advances of the military veteran, played by Shawn Vance. Apart from that, she is the home teacher for Daniel Voss, played by Maxim Swinton. She keeps her composure during the chaos and rarely loses her temper.

The Young And The Restless Updates – What Other Credits Does Sofia Pernas Have?

Sofia Pernas also starred in series like Jane The Virgin, The Brave, Blood, And Treasure, He Knows Your Every Move, The Green Ghost, as well as other small-screen projects. She is under the management of Zero Gravity Management and Innovative Artists. So, we are getting an actress who is at the top of her game. And all the soap fans know she was also featured in the Young And Restless as far back as 2015.

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