Sister Wives Spoilers: Janelle Brown Confesses She Is Jealous Of The Other Wives

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown

Sister Wives spoilers and updates tease that there must be a lot of trauma to be the wife of Kody Brown? You must be cringing at the thought.

For over a decade, fans of the reality TV show, Sisters Wives, will have a lot to say about the character of Kody. He is pompous, selfish, and looks down on people because he believes he’s a know-it-all. That is not to say that he’s all bad, because he has his good side. He is honest as he does not shy away from the fact that he is a polygamist. But, the bad side of his personality is so glaring and way above his good aspects.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Kody Brown The Polygamist

Even though it must be tough and unbearable to be the wife of Kody Brown, one must not forget that he is a practicing polygamist. He is married to four wives- Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn in that order. This means we not only have to put up with the over-pompous and self-centered husband but with his polygamous marriage.

Sister Wives

One can’t help but wonder: “Why would a lady want to share her man?” Well, just take your time to watch an episode of Sisters Wives and you get the answer. His wives got married to him, and though it is so obvious that most of the days spent with him are unbearable, they have all been true to their marriage commitments.

According to his second wife, Janelle, despite Kody’s ingratiating personality, they all still enjoy been married to him. That means they still get envious of each other. She disclosed in an interview with an online magazine.

Sister Wives Updates – Janelle Brown Opens Up On The Jealousy Matter

When asked more about the issue of jealousy, Janelle admitted that she gets jealous when she sees Kody spending time with other wives. However, she has learned to be more understanding, which has gradually made her less envious. She said that it was stressful comparing herself with the other wives on Sisters Wives.

Janelle remembered when she had just got spiritually wedded to Kody, which was three years after his legal marriage to first wife Meri, that she could not tolerate the presence of another woman in his life. That is understandable as she had just finished with marriage without other women competing for her man’s attention.

Janelle was then asked who was the most envious of Kody’s wives, to which she humorously replied that all the wives each had their moments. As no human is perfect, she expected that every wife would have felt jealous of the other during the three decades of being a family.

It was revealed that Janelle and Meri had to work out their fierce rivalry at the time, as they could not stand been two feet from each other. Wow! Real deep-seated jealousy yeah? But now, Janelle feels they are more tolerant of each other. Well, that does not mean that the wives can all stay in the same house, however.