OutDaughtered Spoilers: Danielle Busby’s Newest Project

OutDaughtered Spoilers: Danielle Busby’s Newest ProjectOutDaughtered spoilers and updates reveal just when we thought Danielle Busby, from TLC show, was going to take a break and try to relax, she has announced yet another project. This time the project is more of a home improvement than anything else though. Danielle is trying to declutter her life and home and has been going through the family Christmas stuff.

OutDaughtered Updates – Pre-Spring Cleaning

Cleaning up after the holidays is quite a daunting task, but for OutDaughtered cast member Danielle, it is something that really does need to be done and as soon as possible. Danielle does love to decorate for the holidays and she admitted to her fans that she has quite a lot of decorations in their home. She knew that she needed to try and get rid of some of them to give her some more space.

There is another problem in the Busby house too… The kids’ playroom is a bit of a mess too. This is when Danielle just knew that she needed to start cleaning out some more items that the girls don’t use or play with anymore. The pre-spring cleaning has begun and Danielle really is ready to make a fresh start.

OutDaughtered Spoilers – Danielle Shares Tips With Her Fans

Danielle shared with her OutDaughtered fans on Instagram just how well her decluttering mission was going. Some of her fans could completely relate with her and felt that it was time to start cleaning out their holiday decorations and other items as well. Danielle is aware that she has collected quite a bit of stuff from over the years and she knows the girls have as well.

Keeping a household this big tidy has got to be a full time job within itself! Danielle did tell her fans that she was going to diffuse a special essential oil blend while she cleaned the house. There was a moment where her fans thought that she made more of a mess than doing any actual cleaning! By the end of her post, she had made a huge amount of progress and we were happy to see her complete most of her mission!

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