Tyler Christopher Shares New Pic With His Daughter Boheme

Days of Our Lives actor Tyler Christopher has just shared a pic of him and his daughter Boheme having a little daddy and daughter time at home together. The actor has started a new business just so he could work from home and dedicate more of his time with his loved ones.

Sharing an adorable pic of the two of them together, Tyler captioned the photo with,

“Why I love working from home. When I take a break, instead of water cooler BS I get this.”

A lot of Tyler’s fans couldn’t get over just how cute Boheme looks with her very handsome daddy! However, his social media followers also made it pretty clear that they missed seeing Tyler on daytime television as well. Some commented with, “Still missing you on DAYS but I get it now after seeing your sweet daughter. I just loved Stefan’s smugness too much I guess,” along with, “You are probably so sick of hearing this, but we really need you back on GH! You are missed!”

Another fan wrote, “This is so sweet. What a priceless photo of you and your princess. It’s great that you are spending so much time with your family but I have to agree with everyone else that we miss seeing you on Days of Our Lives. Come back!”

It’s without a doubt that Tyler appreciates all of the love and support that he has gotten from his fans. However, it looks like he has prioritized a few things in his life and made it clear that his family always comes first. And by working from home, Tyler can spend as much time as possible with them now. It can’t get any better than that, right? Of course, anything can still happen at anytime. Knowing how the soap world works, there’s a chance that Stefan might come back to reprise his roles on Days of Our Lives and General Hosptial. At least, that’s what our hope is. Fingers crossed!

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