Things to Do With Kids in Chania While on Family Vacation in Crete #familyvlog

Are you planning your next summer vacation? If Greece is on your list, I suggest making a trip to Crete. With its natural beauty and laid-back attitude, the island is without a doubt one of my favorite family destinations in Europe.

Chania, the second biggest city in Crete is a great city for travelers and traveling families with its unique old alleys. Over its many decades, it has been under Greek, Ottoman Turkish and Venetian Italian control. These multiple influences give the town a unique character, which adds to its overall magical feeling. 

The town is compact and is walkable for most members of the family and toddlers can easily be pushed in a stroller. We had a lot of family fun taking in the sights of the Old Venetian Harbor in the port of Chania and of the Chania lighthouse, which is one of the oldest in the world! Also be sure to visit the Maritime Museum of Crete, which is a wonder for all those interested in anything associated with seafaring or, more generally, WW2 (less family oriented, but still important!).

One fun activity kids will love is getting a fish pedicure! It’s reasonably priced and you can get 10, 15, and 20 minutes of dipping your feet into individual tanks that house the fish waiting to take the dead scan off your feet! Initially, my daughter was a little scared, but after taking the plunge she had a ball! She begged us to go back every day of our time in Chania. 

Chania is also known for its incredible Mediterranean cuisine. Did you know that Crete is the birthplace of the Mediterranean diet? So what better place to eat some of the world’s healthiest and tastiest food, than in Crete’s most charming town! Children will love the traditional zucchini fritters and stuffed courgettes. 

Be sure to watch our vlog below to experience our day visiting the sights in Chania and enjoying the delicious Cretan food!

Make no mistake – if you visit Chania, you will want to go back!  It is truly a traveler’s paradise. 

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