12 Fun Spring Activities For Kids

Can you feel that chill finally leaving the air? Do you have spring fever from being cooped up too long inside? Me too, and its time to do something about it. I sat down and compiled a list of 12 things that are perfect for warmer spring weather. Get your camera ready and make some amazing memories with your kids.

1. Go Fishing – Turn off the T.V. Load the kids, fishing poles, bait, and a cooler of drinks and snacks in the car and get outside. Even if you don’t catch anything the one on one time, without distractions will do you both good. It’s Relaxing and just plain fun.

2. Blow Bubbles- Bubbles are always a big hit, you can buy a really big bottle that will last quite awhile for less than $3.00, or make your own bubble solution at home-then you are getting two fun activities out of one. For bubble mixture- Combine; 1 cup water, 2 Tbsp. light corn syrup, 4 Tbsp. dishwashing liquid.

3. Make Ice Cream or popsicles- Inexpensive molds or even paper water cups can be filled with yogurt or juice, and fresh fruit to create a delicious springtime treat. In the morning choose some ingredients with your child, for Popsicles or ice cream in a churn for a refreshing afternoon treat. No reason to wait until summer for this fun activity!

4. Plant Something- Now is the perfect time to start seedlings indoors to prepare for ground planting in a few weeks. Kids love digging in the dirt as well as watching the fruit of their own hands grow and change. Sunflowers, nasturtiums, radishes, snap peas, cucumbers, and cherry tomatoes are all fairly easy to grow. Making it a more rewarding experience.

5. Fly a Kite- Kite’s are an inexpensive and fun way to get your kids running and playing outdoors. They can be picked up just about anywhere this time of year. You might even consider a kite kit that allows you to create it from start to finish, painting or drawing on your own designs.

6. Visit the Zoo- Now that the chill is gone from the air, but before summer temps soar to unbearable heights this is the perfect time to visit the Zoo. Make a game from the map, crossing off each animal or attraction as you visit it.

7. Have a Picnic-.Even a picnic as simple as PB&J’s, juice boxes, and animal crackers can be a memorable experience or pick up kids meals through the drive-thru on the way to the park. Even their own backyard can be an adventure for a child. Grab an old sheet or blanket, and your child’s favorite book to read together under a shade tree.

8. Feed the Ducks- If you have a local park or pond start saving your leftover bread pieces in a bag in the freezer when you have a good amount- head to the park to feed the ducks, if you lucky you may even get to see the first ducklings of Spring.

9. Play Soccer- Or any sport your child enjoys. T-Ball, soccer, football, softball, kickball, or tennis. There is no better time for outdoor sports than during the mild temps and fresh air of springtime. Create an obstacle course with hula hoops, balls, slides, and lawn chairs.

10. Make Chalk Self Portraits- Get silly, pull out a new box of sidewalk chalk and challenge your child to a drawing duel. Make self-portraits and then draw each other. Great fun and an easy way to sneak in some fine motor practice.

11. Have a Scavenger Hunt- in your backyard, around the neighborhood, or take it to the local park. If your child is older you can list some items for them to find, if they are not reading yet try your hand at drawing the items (or you cant gather clipart to make a picture list) Some ideas to get you started are; a twig, acorn, pine cone, leaf with 3 points, a bug, clover, a blade of grass, and a lizard.

12. Play in The Rain- April showers bring May flowers! But that is no reason to let it drive you indoors, throw on boots and a rain hat and head outside to jump in puddles, make sailboats from leaves, and hunt for worms and frogs together.


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