How to Help Your Little One Get rid of the Pacifier

If you have been considering encouraging your little one to bid farewell to the pacifier, but don’t know how or when, you are not alone. Many parents struggle with how and when to transition their children off the soother. If there are no signs that your little one will willingly give up the pacifier soon and you are looking for ways to wean them from it without too many tears or tantrums, there are ways to go about it. In fact, you may have to take a trial and error approach to figure out what will work for you.

Plan Ahead

When attempting to wean your little one off the pacifier, it is a good idea to plan ahead. Make sure that the time you choose to start the weaning process doesn’t conflict with a major life event. If you are planning to move, potty train or are expecting another baby during this time, it will only add to the stress. It is best to tackle one thing at a time rather than trying to do everything at once.

Patience is a Virtue

There are bound to be some sleepless nights when you finally get rid of the pacifier for good. This is just a normal part of the weaning process. Prepare yourself for some fussy and trying times but be patient and ride it out. This too shall pass.

Stick With it

If you find that weaning your child off the pacifier isn’t working quite how you’d like it to, you may feel as though you should give in and try again at another time. The truth is, while that may work, it isn’t the best approach. If your child gets even the slightest idea that you are folding due to their actions, whether they may be crying, tantrums or screaming, they will stay persistent. It is better to remain consistent and firm in the now. Stopping and then starting again is only prolonging the suffering both you and the child may feel.

Say a Special Goodbye

When your little one is finally ready to say their final goodbyes to their soother, celebrate by having a special goodbye ceremony. This works especially well for toddlers. Allow your toddler to put their soother in an envelope and mail it to a new baby that needs it. Once the parcel has been sent, you can enjoy a “big kid” party with balloons, party hats and even tasty desserts. This helps to make the transition a positive one.

Keep Things in Perspective

For some parents weaning their little ones off the pacifier can be tough but remember to keep things in perspective. This will not go on forever and if you stick with it and clear this hurdle, it’s behind you and you can be grateful.

If you feel as though it’s time to start the process of weaning your little one off the pacifier, there are several things that can help to make the transition easier. Just always remember, especially when times get tough, this too shall pass.


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