The Top 10 Must-Rides at the Magic Kingdom

The Top 10 Must-Rides at the Magic Kingdom

Visiting Disney World is a must for our family. When it was must myself, my husband and my daughter Ava, we could easily explore and ride virtually anything and everything. However, now with our twin girls, we have had to alter our methods a bit to accommodate our little ones. The good news is, Disney is baby/kid friendly. As a result, there are a number of amazing rides to experience (even with little ones) during your trip to the Magic Kingdom.

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  1. Pirates of the Caribbean

While some toddlers may find this slightly frightening, they will love the boats. Also, this ride is a great way to escape the heat – for a few minutes, at least.

  1. Prince Charming Regal Carrousel

Constructed more than a century ago, this is a classic ride for anyone visiting The Magic Kingdom with toddlers.

  1. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Who wouldn’t love riding in their own personal honey pot and following Pool and all his friends on a magical trip through the Hundred Acre Woods?

  1. Dumbo the Flying Elephant

This cute flying elephant is the perfect ride for toddlers. There are 16 individual Dumbos that slowly spin for a 90-second ride.

  1. The Jungle Cruise

This is a retro ride that is the perfect experience for both little and big kids. Your little ones will love seeing animals all along the Nile, Congo, Mekong and Amazon rivers.

  1. The Magic Carpets of Aladdin

While this is the same idea as the Dumbo ride, it typically has a much shorter line. You can also control the height of your carpet and enjoy light sprays of water.

  1. It’s a Small World

This is a must-experience ride, regardless of how many times you have been to Disney World. Your little ones will love it, too.

  1. Peter Pan’s Flight

Another extremely popular ride in Fantasyland. The two-seater pirate ships take you for a ride over the London streets.

  1. Mad Tea Party

In their own fun-colored teacup, your little one can spin until their silly.

  1. Tom Sawyer Island

There are more than a few places for your toddler to explore on this island retreat – an abandoned mine, caves and even an old-fashioned fort. You are all going to love this experience.

The Magic Kingdom is full of rides and fun for kids of all ages. We have found countless things to do with our little ones, even though they may still be too small for the faster-paced rides.


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