Earth Day Projects For Families

Earth Day is a holiday centered around teaching children to love and respect the earth. Now is a great time to get your family together and work as a team to do your part for our environment. Do you need a few ideas to get started with your family? These Earth Day projects are perfect for families to do together.

Earth Day is perfectly timed with beautiful spring weather (for most of us) and the perfect time for your family to get together and get a garden started. By starting a garden you reduce the need for your food to be shipped to you leaving a smaller carbon footprint. You can even opt to grow organically and reduce harmful chemicals.

You could spend Earth Day greening the home. Replace light bulbs with LEDs, make a batch of earth-friendly all natural cleaners, or spend time weatherproofing and tracking down leaks.

If your family is not already avid recyclers now is a great time to change that and send the day setting up your recycling bin and learning what can go into it. Call your local recycling center, many will be hosting Earth Day events.

Start a large up-cycle project with your family for Earth Day. From building new garden beds to turning roadside junk into art the possibilities with upcycling are endless. Some people have even built homes with up-cycled materials. I bet the kids would love an upcycled playhouse.

Host a park clean up with friends and family. Everyone can get together and have a bit of fun while making a big impact in your community for both the Earth and the neighborhood children. Gather everyone together and have fun making the neighborhood a better place.

Reduce impact on the earth by reusing things you would have gotten rid of. Gather friends and family for a big Earth Day Swap Party and give new life to things you no longer want. If you get lucky you may find a treasure or two yourself.

Earth Day and Arbor Day are a great time to teach your family about trees and why they are so important. Discuss how you can reduce tree waist and get out as a family and plant some new trees.

The important part is to be involved and lead by example not just on Earth Day but every day because you are raising the next generation and you can end the destruction of the Earth starting with your own family.


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